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Have you ever heard someone say,

"Life is full of ups and downs"


"If it's too good to be true then it is"

....and believed them?

Do you ever feel like undesired events continuously loop into your life and there is nothing you can do about it?

Are you tired of putting up with bullsh*t?

Do you want to expand into a bigger life, feel taken care of, and remove all forms of struggle?

Does the idea of consistent peace, money, love, and everything else you truly want make you feel relieved or excited? 

Do you have a feeling there is a way out of the life you've outgrown?


Then you are f*c king ready for your Upward Spiral.

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For a long time it seemed like no matter how much I changed, understood, or showed up in life...chaos always found me.

If business was good, my relationships were a wreck...

I would have a breakthrough and then experience a dip in my finances...

Something good happened and then something bad would follow...

But I had a feeling it didn't have to be this way...and I was right.

I remember thinking to myself, "If downward spirals exist, why can't upward spirals come true? If something bad can always happen, then something good can always happen too."

As humans, especially on this specific timeline of the evolution of humanity, it's in our nature to experience levels of internal division that trick us into believing we are powerless over our lives.

We are also the generation beginning to master our ability to manipulate matter and influence reality.


We are kind of making history here.

Whatever is not working for you in your life right now isn't a full reflection of who you are, it's a reflection of where humanity is

- and it's not bad. It's just the timeline. We all experience this.

We also share a similar feeling...that it doesn't have to be this way...

...That there must be a clear path to an even better life...

Believe the feeling.


Whether you desire more peace and less chaos

or more abundance and less struggle

or more love + support and less judgement...

...this formula will serve you in creating your upward spiral


 In this 4-part video training, I will show you how I jump on an upward spiral, grow it, and get away with it. 

The principles and methods inside have helped me and countless women who have worked with me remove self-sabotaging tendencies, create wildly fun experiences, and make room for rapid growing love and support of all kinds. 

This approach will permanently alter whatever you decide to apply it to. You can use this again and again to shift what is not working for you and enhance the things that are.

I love you and can't wait to see what this work does for you.

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Video One:

Video Two:

Video Three:

Video Four:


Shifting downward spirals, Making miracles, Removing guilt & shame, The energy of more, Getting clear with your desires.

Beliefs you may be buying into that need to go, What to do when it looks like it's not working, Releasing the past, There is nothing wrong with you, Collapsing old patterns, The power of decision.

Applying the formula to your business/career/money, What to do with fear, Letting it be easy, The vibe of grace & flow, Do this hen you need help.

Aligning with your next level, How to take your dreams and goals, Say No, Eliminating confusion, dread, and exhaustion, Master level faith, Creating more time without sacrifice.

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I have exciting news...

**Two NEW videos** will be added to this training by Nov. 1st.

Video 5 topic is on love and relationships

- how to upward spiral with the humans in your life.

Video 6 is a deeper look at subconscious patterns

- how to identify them, rearrange the energy and receive what you want instead.

Upward Spiral is a container for freedom.

To support you in this,

I've added guided journal prompts and daily affirmations that have helped me expand even more over the past two years.

These videos were recorded live last year in a private group and now they are finally available for you to absorb, download, and live.

This training will increase to its original price at $444

on Nov 1st. Until then, I've discounted it at 50% off.


Fair warning - I've been told these videos are binge-worthy. So get comfy, grab a notebook, and let's f*cking do this.


You will receive a link and password to the training sent to the email connected with your PayPal. If you have a different contact, please email us at assistant@rhamadashuri.com or reach out on social media (fb/ig) @rhamadashuri

Everything you need will be on the training home page.

Another email will be sent to notify you when Video 5 & 6 are available. (I might even go live with you to record them😉)

Life was always meant to get better.

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Do this with intention. Do this for you. Do this on purpose.

Due to the nature of this digital program, there are no refunds. (We've also never had anyone ask for one)

Disclaimer: Although I deeply believe in the content within this video training, Rhama Dashuri Inc does not guarantee or warrant results or increased income.