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Do You Love Helping Others?

Do You Desire to Make a Great Impact?

Do You Sense an Urgency to Get Your Message Out to the World?

Are You Feeling Stuck or Capped Out In your Current Business Model?

Do You Find Yourself Saying "I'm Not Tech-Savvy" ?

Do You Want to Share your Ideas, Creations, and Skill Sets with More People?

Do You Get Excited at the Idea of Full Freedom Over Your Life?

Does Earning More Money, While Helping More People, + Creating More Time for You and the Things You Love Sound Like a Dream Come True?

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I'm absolutely in love with what I do. I know getting to inspire + empower others while earning an income is a blessing.. but I wanted to help even more people.


I wanted to make a greater impact without sacrificing the things I really enjoyed.. like lazy Sundays with my daughter or impromptu vacations to the west coast.

Actually, I wanted more time to do what I love.

When I transitioned to life-coaching from my late business as an e-commerce expert + designer 3 years ago, I was scheduling weekly individual calls over the phone. Right away I felt the urge to reach a lot more people. I couldn't picture myself getting on the phone everyday helping one person at a time. I definitely couldn't see myself opening an office that would inevitably tie me down to a single location. Plus, that felt like a ton of work.


I knew there had to be another way to live out my dream job and get my message to the masses. I knew there was a way to live a life full of freedom while reaching even more people and possibly even increasing my income.

Well, here is the first think you need to know..

You're always right.

The desire for you to make a bigger difference in the world is not leading you astray. The passion you have to earn more is present within you because the potential is too.

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By creating online courses I am able to reach hundreds of thousands of people while giving myself the opportunity to grow my business.

Once your online course, training or program is launched - it generates more income on repeat. forever. so you can earn while you sleep. (literally)

On my first course launch I made 3k, which wasn't bad for not even having a website (I will show you this process as well in the course)

On my second launch I made 14k with a website I built..

I sold 10 people a 6-week course at a $1400 price point on a product that cost me less than $100 to create and 2 weeks to prepare.

Now this isn't a ton of money, but at the time, it was enough to pay my rent for a year.

The more people I helped > The more money I made > The more time I had to sit around (yea, I said that) + align with my next life-changing offer.


I get to spend more time with my daughter. I get to create my own schedule and work from anywhere in the world.

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To be candid, I make this process very very easy. People often tell me how I have a "way with words". I fully own that my communication skills are next level but for a while I could not get over the hurdle of technology.


I really used to get overwhelmed at tech lingo and processes. I was so convinced I could not build a site and create my own course that I paid someone 3k to do it for me. In the long run, I got something that felt half done, definitely not usable, and a new platform I didn't know how to run or operate. I felt defeated.

It wasn't about who I hired, it was about getting what I want and believing I could do it myself.

Feel me?

Through this process my lack of tech terminology actually ended up helping me as I was able to explain this to beginners in an easy, blonde-girl-friendly way.

I do not believe we need to max ourselves out to a point of exhaustion. There is always an easier way. When it comes to course creation, this approach and process is as easy as it gets.

I don't know how I would teach/inspire/guide women all over the world or have the a limitless financial potential without the power and ease of digital course genius.

If you desire to create an online course, training, or program and expand your influence to  people all over the world...

...then I am thrilled to show you my process + give you inside look at how I make all of this so so easy. 

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Just before working with Rhama, a continual thought of mine was "what's next" for my business. I felt stuck.


I didn't know how to push my energy healing business any further than what it was, and felt held back from going online with my services. I felt like I had reached my "ceiling" of potential.


Working with Rhama in her course, not only gave me the confidence I needed to go online with my services, but the "ceiling"  I felt over my head is gone.


When you work with her you realize the sky is the limit. She gives you the tools, strategy, and confidence to start your own courses, trainings, and to be the face of your brand / business online. I was afraid to put myself "out there" before working with her. Now I have business ideas, online courses, and online trainings that I would have never thought of or had the confidence to do prior to working with Rhama.


Her services, knowledge, and wisdom, are invaluable.

Olivia - The Healing Chakra


Working with Rhama has totally changed my life. I have completely detached myself from all limiting beliefs that say I don't know how or I can't do it.


I started my business "Don't Hate Meditate" +  just began writing my book! I learned how to show up online confidently and with so much ease. Plus, I'm having fun while doing it all.


Not only is Rhama an amazing human being that has the skills and energy to charge me up and get me going, she gave me life-long tools to grow and overcome any challenges that might come up in the future.


I would recommend working with her to EVERYONE

RoyLeiba - Dont Hate Meditate


I can’t thank this badass Queen enough! Rhama delivered on every level necessary to break through all my limitations! She knows exactly how to fast track you to show up as your most authentic self and be bold in your business and in your personal life.


She pushed me in every way I needed to not only launch one business but she gave me all tools, insight, encouragement, and confidence to build a 2nd business in a week that I thought wouldn’t happen until months down the road!


Rhama, you are a spiritual business angel guide! You helped me elevate my worth, monetize every bit of knowledge and skill I have, and translate that into the real value my products and services are worth in both businesses!


You showed me how to let the work be easy and not overwhelming. You taught me that I’m always good enough to start manifesting exactly where I’m at. Eternally grateful​

Melissa - Conscious Living Coach & Beauty Formulator

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> Identification: deciding what to create first, believing in what you have to offer 

> Build: how to start up your website and turn your gift, knowledge, or skill set into a digital course

> Automate: how to earn on repeat. forever. I will show you my process for creating multiple income streams through your website that pay out automatically

> Launch: my system + sequence for getting content to new and recurring clients

> Influence: how I share the f*ck out of my online course and get in front of people that need to hear it

> Increase:my process for choosing a price point, setting payment plans and calling in soulmate clients

plus: lifetime access and free updates to digital course genius

pluspeer to peer facebook support group where you can also reach me + my team for questions, guidance, inspo, and support.

plusA weekly meditation for knowing exactly what to do, course genius affirmations, + strategic inner guided work to get your program out into the world.

plus: a full resource library on business tech everything with different options for each platform and what they do

bonus: how to create + record a meditation 

bonus: slay social media - my 4 part training on increasing your influence + reframing how social media works for you + my shorts cuts for exposure. (this is valued on my website at $125)

bonus: how to make beautiful graphics on the app I use for, well, everything..

bonus: how to write a compelling copy - my clients love using this method for emails and social media posts when launching

bonus: how to launch a training in 24 hours (NEW!!) seriously. The first time I did this I earned $500 and it ended up being a being a life-changing bonus to my second course. 


Bad A$$ indeed!


I walked away with a fully developed course,

marketing tips to get a buzz going, and motivational mojo to give me the push I needed to launch!

Diana Luna - Queen of Self Care


Rhama thank you so so much for your be-ing.

 I am absolutely in my power. Clients come to me and I have absolutely no problem to charge my price!


 I absolutely know my worth. You helped me understand the process.


I don‘t hustle... I know what I want and I get it! And since I trust myself and the universe... wisdom comes through me. Sometimes I read my words again and I think...Wow... I said that? This is holy stuff ! 😅

You helped me to step into my full power and now I can fire up the light in other.

It changed my world!

Anja - Life Coach


If Rhama’s powerful presence & message intimidates you, it’s probably your sign to work with her. 


She will only meet you with love on each step of your process. Her goal is to guide you to get bigger, clearer, and raise your vibration to that of blissful abundance. 


Her process works; it’s a deep dive into experiential self-reflection that I’d never done before. New pathways opened up I’d never imagined. Rhama worked with me when everything stable in my life was ready to break, while my ground underneath & within rumbled and my vision for my life was still being written, uncomfortably uncertain.


When I’m leading several successful social enterprises, making more money than anyone in my family line ever has, living an extraordinary existence with the love of my life and our family around the world, Rhama will continue to be an expert to consult and a sister in this sweet process.


There is no one who works with her who doesn’t deeply desire to enhance themselves and impact their world around them; our missions are all connected through this work. 


 There are no secret tricks she keeps to herself, it’s just love.

Alessandra Teresa - Healer & Conscious Collaborator

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Week One:

How to decide what to create. Identifying the value of your work. Determining format, platform, and the general details of your course. Gaining confidence in what you desire to teach. (New) Business Basics Information for digital entrepreneurs.

Week Two:

Build your sales page  (you don't have to have a website to do this) - I will show you how to build a sales page a few different ways via screen share. step by step. My tips and tricks for creating a beautiful page easily!

Week Three:

Master your sequencing + learn to automate your course, training or program so when people pay for your services they get content immediately without you having to do anything at all. This process makes everything so so easy.

Week Four:

Locking in the theme of your brand. Expressing yourself authentically to attract your soulmate clients and followers that fall in love with your offers + vibe. How I call in repeat clients, plan future content, and (bonus) how to create a training in 24 hours.

Week Five:

LIVE STEAM + Implementation week. Going live to answer any questions you have while you complete the processes and steps from weeks 1-4.

Week Six:

Launching. Pricing + Discussing Enrollment options. An inside look at my entire launch process from idea to getting paid to hosting the course + the extra bells and whistles that really connect me with my clients. I will share my energetic process and mindset when launching and the practical tools I use to market my work.

Week Seven:

The energy of money, charging, sales, and how to be authentic online. How I categorize free content and paid content.

Week Eight:

LIVE STREAM. I will share my process for shifting fears or weird moments with clients or business. How I continue to show up, work-life balance, and what I do to level up to even more income + influence

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This is an 8 week course with a new module released each week.

Upon enrollment you will immediately receive the pre-work prompts, resource sheet, and Slay Social Media - a 4 part video training recorded for you.

You have unlimited replays and access to all content + future updates for life.

Module One will be released 7 days after purchase. Module two will be released 7 days later, Module Three 7 days after that - and so on etc etc

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Are you offering a payment plan? Yes. I love payment plans. At the bottom of this page you can access the payment plan. The PP is bi-weekly. Pay-in-full has a slight discount.

Is this program just for life coaches? Definitely not. This course has helped health coaches, fitness coaches, yoga teachers, astrologers, etc. This course can be the foundation for a fresh business or create a new stream of income for your current business.

What if I have no business experience? Is this still for me? Yes. In this course I take you step by step through my process for creating, automating, integrating, and planning. Most modules are recorded screen share so you will get to see me do this from the ground up.

Do I have to host my website on wix for this to work? My website is hosted on wix. This is just my personal choice after after trying the others out (like Wordpress  SquareSpace) and I will explain why in the course. You can apply all of the processes, sequencing, and creation taught in this course to the host (platform) of your choosing.

Do I have to have a website to benefit from this course? Nope! I ran my coaching business for the first two years without a website. I will show you how in the course. Plus, when you are ready for a website you can comeback and use this course again and re-apply all the steps!

I prefer to create video trainings, memberships, and virtual programs. Is this still for me? Yes. The steps in this course create an easy system to operate any virtual process.

How long will it take me to finish my course?

This is up to you. I've had students launch last call, a few months down the road and the following year. When your course is complete and ready to go is totally up to you. You have all the tools you need here in this course to launch right away. 


Do you guarantee results? I believe in this work with every cell in my body. If you do the work, commit yourself 100%, and follow the processes step-by-step, you will experience wild results. Because I can’t guarantee that you’ll do the work, I can’t guarantee that you’ll get results. This course is your responsibility to go all out and take initiative in your own success. You've got this.

Do you offer refunds? I've never had anyone ask for a refund and I don't believe you will want one but if you dive into the pre-work + bonuses and not vibing with my style, I will issue a full refund 3 days after purchase.

How long do I have access to the modules for? You have lifetime access to all modules + bonuses. After our live calls, those will be edited and put onto the site where you can access the other modules.

I really want to opt in to this once-a-year offer but I don't have time to participate right now. What can you do for me? You can opt in now and take the course later in the year. All modules and group support are available to you for life. Jump in the group and access them whenever you have more time. My team and I are notified when a post is made in the private group if you @rhamadashuri. We are here to support you. This course will not open again until summer 2021. If you are led to this offer, opt in now. Prices tend to go up year after year as I add more content to the course.

More Questions? Email for help

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WAS $1399 

Black Friday SALE price:

* $999 *

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By purchasing this course you agree to the terms and conditions given at the bottom of this page.