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Want to know how a college drop out, former weed dealer, and ptsd recovered mom from a poor family consistently builds + slays 6-figure businesses?


Here are some things you need to know first:


Statistically, I should not be where I am.


I shouldn’t be earning this much. I shouldn’t be mentally sane and at peace. (I cured my ptsd, anxiety, and depression without prescription or therapy) I shouldn’t be this confident. I shouldn’t be an expert at business...


No one set me up for success.


Because of my childhood, I spent a larger part of my life dealing with daily self-hating thoughts, inability to handle stress or process emotions, often feeling misunderstood, and dragging around tons of baggage.


The crazy part is this:


I did not understand or heal any of that before I started earning and living the way I wanted.


At 18, after a miscarriage and a bad break-up to follow, I dropped out of college and started selling (a lot) of weed.


I quickly saw the opportunity in supply and demand, but more importantly, I realized it was possible to earn shit loads of money without working hard at all.


A quarter of a million dollars in drugs and assets later, my colleague and I were discovered for manufacturing and trafficking.

(This was all within less than a year)

That did not stop me from believing in massive wealth in a short time frame and living life on my own terms.

If anything, it motivated me.

(Although, I did decide putting my freedom at risk was no longer in my best interest)


At 19, I found a bartending position that gave me lots of freedom + it offered opportunities to get paid more than a typical bartender income. I would make 20k during spring breaks alone.


At 22 I started a festival clothing company (funded with bartending $$) By 25 the business was earning 6-figures. I had no knowledge of business, branding, or marketing. Everything I did was from scratch and I ended up in the top 5% for CTR's on Shopify. (CTR is a click-through rate. This represents the rate at which someone sees your ad and follows all the way through to a sale.)


 And I did it all depressed, angry, anxious, suffering from PTSD, and highly critical of myself.

I am getting this personal with you because people often believe you have to be a certain way to reach next level success.


That’s a lie.


While I have healed my trauma and cured it’s side effects, found consistent peace + happiness, and become more grounded/certain in my coaching business...

...and in doing that it made life + business get easier, sweeter, and more flow-y..


It was never required for me to receive what I wanted.


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It’s a decision we make.


A long time ago, I decided I would not struggle the way my parents did, and so an entrepreneurial spirit was born.


This is what positioned me for success throughout life regardless of my skill level, knowledge, spiritual beliefs, or experience.


Life + business does get a lot easier when we heal shit, grow, and get clear on what we are available for...


But you do not have to figure it all out to start, elevate, earn, or receive.

I'm going to teach you how to do both.


In this livestream event, I will show you how to decide your success and become a mainline for your desires now. You do not need to change who you are or wait until you "look the part" before you get to your next level of wealth, influence, and support. 

I’m also going to share how I showed up for my coaching business (working with clients, creating offers, selling, etc) while simultaneously looking at, feeling, and healing my internal mess without it effecting my business at all.

This year Rhama Dashuri inc. is on track for 6-figure earnings. With over a decade of experience in doing whatever the fuck I want and getting paid really well for it, I have absorbed a lot around generating financial support, letting business be fun, and understanding what it takes to make it easier and easier each time.


I believe in short cuts.

I believe my past struggles and life lessons were gifted to me so I could help you skip some mess and get straight to what you deserve.

You may have heard me say this before but..

I enjoy breaking the rules and I love encouraging others to do the same.

Everything you believed to be true about who you get to be in this life or what you get to have or what you must do to get there is probably a lie.


I do not teach business or view life how most people do.

(You probably already know this about me if you’re here).

I will never leave you feeling like you need me or anything else to do the damn thing...and do it well.


Most of my recurring students come back because they enjoy being in my energy. When I host live events, trainings, or courses, I deliver an overflow of wisdom and knowledge.

 I do not hold anything back.


This livestream event is for boss women at all levels who are ready to break financial barriers, remove all fear and confusion, know exactly what to do next, and become certain about who they are + what they get to have.


I desire for you to reek of confidence.

I desire to get more money in your hands so you can do great things with it.

I desire for you to heal anything that is making life or business hard, scary, stressful, or exhausting without pausing your upward spiral.

I desire to support you in all of this and applaud you when it happens (bc it has to)


Tthis training is valued at $700 but I’ve discounted it at over 50% off.


If you are excited, curious, or called to join and want to experience what it is like to work with me on a more personal level, then I wouldn’t wait.

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The 4- part training was recorded live in a private group. You will receive a link to join after purchase. If your email is different than the one you use to check out on PayPal, please message me on ig, fb, or email and let me know.



You have the content for life. Replay and come back to this work whenever you need it.


Ask questions, tag me, and I will personally respond to all of them.


There is inner guided work with each livestream to move you through your own internal experience as you integrate these principles and concepts into your life and business.


Because of the nature of this training, there will be no refunds after purchase.


You will need a Facebook account to watch and access prompts.


I’m excited to work with you and this new live training.

It’s a party.


Click the button below to enroll and get instant access now at 70% off the valued price.

WAS $555

>> NOW $199 <<

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