The money struggle isn’t real

Struggle is a mindset.


Years ago, I couldn’t escape the hamster wheel of hustle, pay bills, financial drama, rock bottom, more financial drama, rinse, repeat..


I remember feeling like no matter what I did in life, it was never enough to get ahead.

Money felt random and out of control.

 I blamed it on my upbringing, lack of support, unfairness, and really anything that took the blame off me.

I found myself saying things like,

“Life isn’t all about money”

“Money doesn’t buy happiness”

“Stuff doesn't matter”


Although all those are true, it didn't help my financial situation.

In fact, they FED my lack mentality and supported my old belief system about money.


Don’t let the deeper meaning of life get you twisted into believing you have to settle financially (or in any way at all)


Sometimes we hide behind our spirituality or good morals because we are frightened of desiring more


We’ve been taught its bad or wrong to want more


After years of coaching and teaching to the thousands of women that follow me online, I have seen how the lack mentality keeps good hearted people broke, struggling, and freaked out around money


Enough is enough




Wealth is a mf vibe


We get what we believe we can have


The Caviar Money Mindset is about healing your financial past, removing barriars between you and cashflow, and becoming available for overflow


You get to be taken care of


You get to take yourself off the hook now


Feeling guilt, shame or self-conscious with money is so last decade


Fuck That Noise.


Money will not be the reason we say no


I invite you to take a quest with me and rewrite your financial past, decide your financial future, and create miracles in your NOW


You are so mother effing powerful.


I am here to show you how to slay the money mindset and remove fear from the process. 


>Receive, have, and earn more

>Tap into the feeling of overflow, more than enough, and your next level money breakthrough

>Understand money on a deep emotional, mental, and spiritual level

>Learn how to set bigger financial goals and crush them

>Gain awareness of receiving and giving consciously

>Transform struggle to certainty

>Learn how I spend from a high vibration and circulate money flow back into my life

>Feel supported financially

>Know what to do when panic mode kicks in

>How to eliminate confusion or overthink when in comes to the inner work and the next steps

>Truly feel more than enough, more than worthy, more than deserving of the abundance available to you




I know what it feels like to be buried in debt, on the ramen diet, or wear clothes for years after their lifespan..

I remember feeling anxiety around checking my bank account, the avoidance of bills, and the shrinking feeling when looking at everything as a whole

I know what it feels like to buy into helplessness, defeat, and exhaustion to a point of giving up

I know what its like to forget how powerful I am


It took everything in me to break away from the struggle mindset

but I learned a thing or two on my way up from hell.. 



This is the Caviar Money Mindset 

This training was created from my intimate experience with the flow and frequency of money.

I have packed in hours and hours of pre-recorded content to help you shift your money mentality and break free from old money stories that create barriers between you and your cashflow. I have added guided prompts that will help identify the root cause of your money blocks and integrate your high vibe money mentality.

You can use this process at every financial level in life. Whether you are calling in enough to pay the bills or the extra 5k, 10k, 50k, the process is always the same.

This training is more than money

It's an experience with your natural power to create the life you want and an unlayering of all the BS that has made you feel less than, not good enough, not smart enough, not capable or unworthy of the life of your dreams


- the details-

- After purchase you will receive an email with directions and a link to the training within 24 hours of purchase

- You have all content and updates for life, so you can do the work at your own pace

- This training involves prompts and exercises. Have a journal or notebook ready preferably one you love and your favorite writing utensil to go with it. Take every part of this experience seriously. Its life changing. 

- payment options-

There are two payment options for this course

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Disclosure: Due to the nature of this course I cannot guarantee results because I cannot guarantee you will do the work. If you commit to the processes in this course and dedicate yourself to massive change, you will get results. You are doing this for you. Commit. I will be here to support you every step of the way.


By purchasing this course you agree to the terms and conditions given at the bottom of this page. 

Refunds: Currently I do not offer refunds. I deeply believe in this work and although I have never had a client ask for a refund  I will issue one before the links and passwords are given