Holy Shift

master your matrix.  drop the BS.  be the boss.

They say millennials are entitled, self-absorbed, lazy, unfocused, narcissistic, have low self-esteem and will never find joy. 

They say we want “purpose”, think we are special and can have anything we want in life.


Well, I’m a mf millennial

And yes, I DO want purpose

Yes, I DO know I’m special (thanks for noticing)

Yes, I am entitled to having the life I want and doing it MY way

This is our BIRTHRIGHT.


Self-absorbed and Narcissistic?

 “an inflated sense of self-importance”

(This is classified as a disorder btw.)

Um, no

Nothing is wrong with knowing your worth and being unapologetic about it


And oh yes, I was lazy, unfocused, and very unhappy.



Because, as in the first paragraph, everyone had something to say about me.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been told how I should act, who I should be, and how I should live.

But overall,

I was unfocused and unhappy because my soul refused to settle

My soul wanted MORE


I was lazy because I was stuck in between what I wanted to do and what I should do

My soul wanted A LOT MORE


Somewhere along the way, I picked up the false belief that what other people had to say was more important


So I listened to them

And in the process I lost myself


My stress levels were off the charts, I couldn’t keep relationships, couldn’t hold down a job, and at the end of the day I was very very unhappy.


fuck. that. shit.


The contrast in my life was just my soul pulling me to my purpose. I didn’t even know what that was at the time. There was imbalance because I was forcing a life that I wasn’t made for


- Let’s be real -


Millennials are the turning point in evolution

We are the leaders of the generations to come

We are a gift to the generations before us

We will take no more bs

We will not settle

We are taking control of our lives and doing it OUR way


We don’t have to step on toes to do it

We just have to be authentic


That is our legacy


The power in owning who you are is unstoppable.

Living your craziest dreams has never been more certain

 Holy Shift


I created this course for the rapid growing conscious culture. It is like nothing else I have ever created.


I remember in one of my neurolinguistics therapy sessions my teacher asked me “what are you doing?!”.


I was radiating joy and an excitement for life like I had found a secret to it. This was after my third session


I became magnetic to everyone I spoke to even my therapist. I began to fall in love with every move I made, everything I did, everything I was


What was I doing when I left that office?


That therapist gave me insight that helped me understand some basics, but it wasn’t the sessions that brought me to where I am


 After I dropped a large amount of money that I didn’t necessarily have into this highly recommended therapy all of a sudden so many doors opened up

Inspiration was everywhere

So what was it?


It was the investment I made with my own money and time into my WELL BEING. The vibration of that action said “I am ready” “I am willing to put me first”

I have remained dedicated to my holy shift practice and it has never let me down


I don’t question my future, I don’t question the income I desire, I never have to second guess myself again

It all just comes

 We are so attached to our time and our money. When we have it, we spend it on the external things that offer temporary relief. 


What happens when you invest into your soul?

What happens when you invest into your growth?

What happens when you invest into MORE of you?


miracles. alignment. inspiration. authentic power.

IMG_2220 2.jpg

^This I know for sure with all of my heart

 I want to collapse time with you

I want opportunities to be made visible to you in your physical experience

I want you to have high vibe relationships

I want you to bring in the cash flow you deserve

I want you to realize your gifts, show up in your life and do what you came here to do

I want you to be so happy it leaks out everywhere you go

I want you to do all of this by just BEING YOU

Sound easy enough?


This inner work will take someone who is willing to drop the bs and take accountability for their life

This course takes courage and a burning desire to be/have/do/cultivate more 

There will be a lot of letting go. A lot of getting big


I don’t care what other people say about millennials. I don’t care what people say about manifesting. I don’t care what people say about how I do things


Those are not my people 


*Are you ready to take control of your life?

*Are you ready to create like a badass?

*Do you want to discover your hidden gifts and talents?

*Do you want to fall in love with your life?

*Do you want to feel satisfied with your relationships, your income, and the person you see in the mirror?

*Do you want to change the world?

*DO you want MORE?


Then this course is for you

 details -


What you get 


-28 days of guided inner work-

These are the actual journal prompts, methods, and exercises, I use in my Holy Shift to remove the fears, tell the truth, get clear on what I want, lock it all in , and step into that vibe everyday.


-4 training modules-

We will cover how you got here, how to shift,  master your matrix, let go of the BS, and be the boss. Each module has pre-recorded videos where I will go into the guided inner work even further. We will also host 3 live videos together through the course (also open for Q&A..ask me anything) If you can't make the private live training, no worries, it will be recorded and posted in the fb group for you to view later.


 -Private facebook group-

My team and I will also be in the group supporting you and answering any Q’s. We will do interactive group exercises and share the results. It's important to see others going through the process so you feel less crazy and realize how its just a human thing. This helps us gain confidence and ease up the pressure.


**Insane bonus** 

Everyone who enrolls in Holy Shift receives the Caviar Money Mindset for FREE! This sells online @ $333. I am so excited about giving you this


**Another Sweet Bonus**

Slay Social Media ($45) FREE. A training on showing up online unapologetically, tips and tricks, an inside look at how I run my social media accounts, and how to call in all the followers/clients. Prerecorded.


*You have all content and updates for life!*


How it works


-After enrollment you will receive the money mindset training + slay social media (1-3 days after enrollment). You will also get a link for the private Holy Shift FB group and the Live Video Schedule. 


-We will begin the course July 22nd.

- After enrollment is closed, HS will not re-open until next year.


-Do the work at your own pace. If you are unable to make the scheduled FB lives, no worries, they are recorded and will be posted in the private group. 

- the breakdown - 

Module 1

  • Understanding deep subconscious beliefs, how they affect our daily lives + how we got here

  • Forgiving the past

  • Owning who we are

  • Easy methods to shift how we view ourselves and the world we live in

  • Gaining confidence

  • Relaxing into alignment and removing stress/anxiety/anger

  • How to jump into receiving mode instantly

Module 2

  • Breaking the patterns + creating a new habits

  • Inviting change and how to not freak the f out when it happens

  • Setting unrealistic goals 

  • Tapping into your environment

  • Overcoming bullshit + mastering emotionality

  • Burying struggle and calling in ease 

  • Energetic effort > physical effort

  • Removing uncertainty + trusting yourself and your desires

Module 3

  • Other humans and what they have to do with you

  • Setting energetic boundaries

  • The art of learning vs walking away

  • Knowing what to do, every time

  • How to get motivated and take action 

  • Letting processes be easy

  • Realizing your gifts

  • Achieving your goals and why you cant fail

  • Collapse time

Module 4

  • Calling in opportunity over security

  • Finding purpose

  • Creating all the Business + Money Vibes

  • Expanding vision of self

  • Knowing the outcome even when you cant see it

  • How to never make another mistake again (seriously)

  • Letting go of perfection

  • Writing your own mf rules

  • Holding space for your vision

  • Getting clear on what you want 


- payment options -


1. Pay-in-Full $1100 (originally $1400)!


We are celebrating with $300 off HS for the official launch of


**BONUS for pay-in-full***

An hour and a half free 1x1 coaching call with Rhama Dashuri (this is valued at $250)


2. Payment plan 6 bi-weekly payments of $198.33 



This is about owning who you are and deciding what you are available for in your life. 


You get to decide how things go for you. We are writing new rules and choosing new outcomes. 


I am here to tell you the truth. I am here to remind you that you have the free will to decide how this life goes for you but you must DECIDE.


You can feel if this course is right for you.


If life isn't working out, it's because you are not following your soul’s purpose. Doing anything else feels like a slow painful death. 


Deep dive with me into the unknown like your life depends on it (bc it does) and let’s take what you f deserve


Its yours.

You get to have it. Just because you do and that’s it


Following my heart’s desires and making decisions from a place of ease, grace and flow is freedom. I refuse to live life any other way


From this place – I know everything is possible


And I know it is possible for you too


You get to design your life and you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do to get there


I am here to hold space for you and give you the support you need

I got you. Let's do this


deep jungle love,



This course + the bonuses are valued over 

>>$2100 <<

Im so excited to do this with you!

Jump in now at the discounted price and lets do this!

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