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> Do you feel like you are here to make a difference?


> Do you want to make an impact while creating a life you truly desire?


> Do you absolutely love helping others?


> Does having more freedom with your schedule, job location, and income potential sound like a dream come true?


> Are you afraid that if you don’t follow your heart now, you might never step into your higher purpose?


> Do you desire to use your natural gifts, inner power, life experiences, and knowledge to help others?


> As you read this, do you feel lit up, excited or even destined to be on this page?

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Life has so much to choose from. It doesn’t make sense to settle for something repetitive, mundane, or boring (eye roll)

You were made for greatness.

You were designed to have the freedom to create, explore, and experience life in bliss and abundance.

I believe our craving for true purpose creates a restless soul in a life we have outgrown. This also means you get to trust the avenues and pathways that lead you where you really want to go because the universe/god/higher-self never leaves you hanging without a way out.

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Here's how I started coaching:

All my life I’ve been a rebel of sorts.


Almost every job I’ve ever had I was fired for being too loud, too much, wearing what I wanted, saying what I wanted, having an opinion, or standing up for people who didn’t know how to stand up for themselves.


I was not made to have a boss (that was clear)

I was definitely not made for boring (it drove me crazy)


As I put myself through multiple scenarios I just couldn’t wrap my head around anything that took away my freedom to do/say/be whatever I wanted when I wanted


Rules just did not make a lot of sense to me.


So, I played around with sales jobs and small businesses until I found something I really loved to do. I started a clothing company and 5 years later became Etsy famous making 10k-15k/month

Being a college drop out, I was self taught in every area of my business

Plot twist

My love for existential questions about life, death, and everything in between turned into a spiritual practice I couldn't stop talking about.


My motivational dinner convos could have been tedtalks.

I was driving my friends and family crazy with articles on quantum physics, the power of the mind, and constantly questioning my own reality.

I would talk to customers who messaged me about my products and get into hour long text convos about how they can start a business too.

Even today when my facebook memories come up, I can see the woman I am today in the girl I was ten years ago posting inspirational content nearly begging everyone to take a leap of faith and do what they love.

Deep down, I've always known there was more to life and in a way, I felt like it was my job to understand it, simplify it, and give it back to others.

(I was right)


Since I can remember I've been preaching to do what you love, never give up, and the rest will follow.

I finally made the call to start coaching full-time in 2018. I had years of business experience in the e-commerce world from business #2 (clothing company) so, I applied everything I knew and started from scratch..again


Fast forward


Today, Rhama Dashuri INC has attracted over 100k followers on social media

I get to help others create a business they are madly in love with while being of service to the world.


I am location independent

I do not have an income cap

(there are days where I make multiple 4 figures)

I get to be my own boss and create a schedule based around things that matter most


I get to spend more time with my daughter

(and put her in my fav private Montessori school)

but the best part is:

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The best decision I've ever made was to get online and start serving people who needed me.


When I think life can't get any gets better..and better...and better..

Having a really good life doesn't require luck or hard work

It's created from passion, service, and deep faith in your own desires

Picture this:

You wake up in a beautiful place at a luxurious vacation rental.


You just launched an online course or training you have had in mind.


4 figure days have become pretty normal..

You help thousands of people through your work.

Your instagram looks like the shit you used to only dream of.

You have options and more money and freedom than you know what to do with

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What is important to you, is teachable to others. Your coaching practice is an extension of you and all the things that have moved you, helped you, and inspired you.

You do not need a degree or certification to become a coach.

It's a completely unregulated field.


No rules.

(we like the sound of that)


All you need is your passion and your desire to serve others.


I created The Xtra Badass Coach -a course for coaches- to give you the confidence you need to trust yourself while going next level and the knowledge to do this thing with ease.


I'm going to give you all my short cuts and what has worked for me so you spend less time doing trial and error and more time making an impact while increasing your income.

Here's what this course will help you do:

> Identify your personal skills as a coach through heart-based desires, life experiences, natural gifts and spiritual beliefs.

> Attract soulmate clients by getting clear on your niche demographic

> Build and launch your work online

> Create your brand while having tons of fun

> Increase your earning potential

> Learn the skills to teach effectively and easily

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Module One: Let's get clear on who you want to be + what you desire to teach. In a world where you are pre-qualified based on what you long to do/teach most, what do you decide now? We will get detailed on who your ideal client is so you can attract them easily online and serve them in the best way possible. 

Module Two: Remaining authentic online is key to the longevity of your business. Everyone is being "sold" something nowadays. I am going to teach you how I connect with my clients and fully support them. I will show you how to stand out online without coming off sales-y and really trust yourself through the process.

Module Three: Building your brand on social media through your vibe. I love expressing myself through graphics and content creation. Together we will go though the branding process steps by step as you add your own unique flow to fill in the blanks. I will show you how I organize my content, pre-prep, and create without stress or overwhelm.

Module Four: Launch and plan. What to launch, when to launch, and how to build out your first training, course, or webinar. (You do not have to have a website for this) I'm going to take you through my launch process while showing you how to get in front of the people that need to hear it. We will also talk about when to invest in a website/team/ads.

Module Five: Implementation week. Let's put together everything we've spoken about the past few weeks and bring it into action. Plus, I'm unlocking some of your awesome bonuses this week that will really help you legitimize yourself online + sell the f*ck out! Ahh! Let's DO this!

Module Six: Getting paid with ease. How to price your content + becoming an energetic match to your price point. I will help you identify the value in your offer so you can price confidently. I'm going to give you my super easy blueprint to creating free content (for days) without giving too much away. Also, let's talk about how I decide what is free vs. what is paid.

Module Seven: Set + Slay the goals. How I blend the spiritual with the practical. Believing in your sh*t and how to stay motivated to consistently show up. Let's chat deep faith in your work and let the magic happen as we go big with our goals.

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Receive Instant Access to Pre-work + Bonuses upon enrollment 

You have all unlimited replayed + all content for life

(Continue scrolling for testimonials, bonus details, and payment options)

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Slay Social Media: My famous training on social media mindset for magnitude, keeping it real online, and all practical social media tools/strategies I use during and in between launches. There is over 4 + hours of content where I talk about how to get in front of your soulmate clients, creating content, letting it be (very) easy, promoting, selling and sharing online + tons of resourceful Dashuri secrets that have helped me in running businesses online over the past 10 years. I also share how to record videos and get behind your content with confidence. SSM also comes with guided inner work. This training is valued at $500. Yours - free. 

Caviar Money Mindset: A foundational training on money mindset. (5 + hours) This work is a MUST for success. This training will help you re-build your relationship with money and align with larger amounts of money - now. This work has changed so many women's lives and I am thrilled to add this as a bonus.

NEW LIVE CALLS. Yup. I'm going live (a few times) to extend this training! Hell yes. I will answer any of your questions here and share even more on how to be the XTR Badass Coach. This is going to be a vibe!

Legal Contracts: A copy and paste legitimate legal form to protect your business. (from my attorney) Refund policy options + terms and conditions. Just take my name and city out and put yours in!

Resources: A very long  very and organized list of resources (over 300) for email marketing, photo editing, video editing, video hosting, domain hosting, logo maker, graphic design, screen sharing, name's on here with a detailed description of each tool/platform. I put a star next to all the resources I currently use and an explanation in parentheses to why. This resource list has more than one option so you can explore what works for you and your budget/process. This list took hours and hours to put together so you can same time without researching options - I did that for you.

Marketing Blueprint: This is gold. The XTR Badass Coach Course is the only online class where I share in detail how I market myself with paid ads that actually work. Even if you don't use this now, you will later.

Badass Email Structure for the Win: An inside look at how I write phenomenal emails that connect with the humans with a high click rate. (this is especially helpful during a launch). 

Exposure + Get Famous: How to get featured on podcasts + speaking engagements + workshops AND how to SLAY at public speaking.

Step-by-step Launch Process: I will bring you through the exact steps I did to earn my first 5-figure launch ($14k). This was th first time I launched with a website and the second time I had ever launched anything! This helps students of XBC launch online classes and sell out each time. Our genius energy. Let me share this with you!

Lifetime Private Support Group: Private group to ask Q's, access peer to peer support, and share tips and tricks + move shift and rearrange energy

Special Discount on Digital Course Genius: For anyone who would like support building a website and putting your course online..this is for you! This course opens twice a year but if you want it sooner message me. Here I teach you step-by-step how to build a website + package, sell and share your content for getting paid on AUTO. This is the blonde-girl-friendly version on all things tech/web in regards to your business.. All enrollee's will receive a 50% off coupon code for this offer.

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After enrollment you will receive all bonuses + pre-work. (this will be sent to you with the email connected to your PayPal. If you would like us to use a different email, let us know on IG or Get started on any of the bonuses until Module One opens April 3rd. A new module will open each week.

Enrollment closes April 2nd

Course begins April 3rd.


New modules will be recorded with you LIVE. No worries, if you miss a LIVE training, you will be able to access the re-watch and my team and I will be in the group for any questions you have. Dates will be announced in the private group.

You get all content and bonuses for life

Each week a new module will drop. Discussion and journal prompts will be available in your online portal + the private group.

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 Are you offering a payment plan?

>>> Yes. At the bottom of this page you can access the payment plan. The payment plan is bi-weekly. Pay-in-full has a slight discount.

 Is this program just for life coaches?

>>> Definitely not. This course has helped health coaches, fitness coaches, yoga teachers, astrologers, etc. This course can be the foundation of a fresh business or create a new avenue of income for your current business.

 What if I have no business experience? Is this still for me?

>>> Yes. In this course I take you step by step on how to start. We will cover the business basics and set you up for success. I mean what I say when I tell you I am giving you everything I know about coaching online in the course.


 Do you guarantee results?

>>> I believe in this work with every cell in my body. If you do the work, commit yourself 100%, and follow the processes step-by-step, you will experience the wild results you. Because I can’t guarantee that you’ll do the work, I can’t guarantee that you’ll get results. This course is your responsibility to go all out and take initiative in your own success. You've got this.

Do you offer refunds?

>>> I've never had anyone ask for a refund and I don't believe you will want one but if you dive into the pre-work + bonuses and not vibing with my style, I will issue a full refund 24 hours after purchase.

 How long do I have access to the modules for?

>>> You have lifetime access to all modules + bonuses + upgrades.

 I really want to opt in to this once-a-year offer but I don't have time to participate right now. What can you do for me?

>>> You can opt in now and take the course later in the year. All modules and group support are available to you for life. Jump in the group and access them whenever you have more time. My team and I are notified when a post is made in the private group. We are here to support your needs year-round. This course will not open again until 2022. If you are led to this offer, opt in now. Prices tend to go up year after year as I add more content to the course.

 More Questions?

>>> Email for help

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Receive Instant Access to Pre-work + Bonuses upon enrollment 

You have all unlimited replayed + all content for life

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