Journal Prompts:


Answer each one without THINKING about the answer.

Write as much as needs to come out for each. It may feel deflating to let this out, but that's normal. Do it anyway.

 "The reason I won’t make it is _______"

 "I will never REALLY hit the goal because ______"

 "I’m not ready because I ________

 " It’s not safe for me to because ______"

 " I haven’t really decided to do the work of being the millionaire version of me because _____ "

 " My launch won't isn't working because  ______"

 "I just can’t do it right now because _______ !"

Once you’ve gone through all of this, please sit with it for an extra few minutes and quietly ask ‘and what else?’.

In order to then act from a place of choosing to not allow all of the above to rule or pause you, it is going to require a DAILY decision to do the damn work. Once you've admitted your fear and addressed the lies head on, (and at first, you may have to do this before and/or after your first 1x1 call, training, livestream, or course as the fears continue to resurface surface ...) tell yourself the truth.

Honestly, this is how I did it. This is how I became the woman I am and this is how I'm going to become the woman I want to be creating the level of money and influence I desire. It's all in your head. This only requires a determination to see it through no matter what and a willingness to shift from fear to love. Lies to truth.

Now let's talk more about your goal/launch.


1. What do you actually want? What is the exact outcome you desire? Be as specific as possible. Write it down and check it over to be sure it is SUPER fucking clear and what you really really want.

2. Go beyond the outcome: what is the outcome BEYOND the outcome? I.e. the specific thing you want, WHY do you want it; what does it represent for you or what would it mean to you? Write this down.

3. If there were something beyond that STILL, what would it be?

4. And why would THAT matter?

Okay, now that you’ve got as much clarity as you can for NOW on what you want and why you want it...

1. Lock in that it is DONE.

This is a conscious choice. You take that goal and you simply decide:

I choose that this is now DONE. Even though I don’t know how / it’s scary / what if this or that, etc. Creation is about FAITH. So - decide it’s done. Decide you really mean it. State it in writing. “I now ___________”

2. Be clear on HOW you are stating it, in writing and in your mind.

I.e. avoid anything that implies it will be done in the future or that you’re trying. The best way to create effective thoughts and affirmations is to imagine it actually IS done, it’s ALREADY a fact, and then if you were stating it AS a fact to somebody, how would you say it? That becomes your affirmation statement/truth. 



When it comes to launching..go big until the end. Remember, you are the creator of your life, business, and experience. With that in mind, what do you want launches to be like for you?

> How do you desire to feel during your launch?

> How are you supported during your launch (from friends, team, partner, assistant, etc)?

> What do you know to be true and for sure during your launch? (ie what are your core beliefs around how this launch gets to go for you.)

> What results occur because of this launch? (How many people are you able to help and support? What financial objectives are achieved? Etc.)

> Practice feeling the feelings of the desired outcome already being yours throughout the launch! Do it until the very end. Do not give up. (The magic often happens at the very end of the launch. Hold the faith.)

When it comes to the practical side of your launch, what do you need to lock in for yourself?

> In the ideal, perfect launch for you... where, when, and how often do you post?

> How often do you desire to post on Facebook throughout your launch?
> Do you desire to do FB Lives/free Livestream event?

> Do you plan to send out emails?

> Post to Instagram?

> Do IG stories?

> Do you do the majority of the posting? Does your assistant copy/paste emails to FB or FB posts to IG captions? What is the flow the feels best for you?


(The key is you doing the parts you LIKE. And delegating the repurposing to someone else. You may have to instruct them, but they actually do it.)


> What else do you need to feel fully supported in the practical things during your launch?


Decide what you need and design it perfectly. You are worthy of the support, love, and guidance you desire.


Use social media with soul. 

> Be authentic. People want to connect with the real you.

> Tell personal stories. Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable, as long as it feels safe.

> Stop the scroll with eye-catching images and words.

> Be moved by your message. Make sure whatever you share truly resonates with you.

> Post with love. Everything you share should be backed with positive energy.

> Turn a blog post into a Facebook post. Facebook is an excellent platform for teaching. If you have a blog, podcast or other medium for teaching, you can adapt that content into a long-form Facebook post that will teach your followers something useful and insightful.



Rock your Facebook or Instagram Live

(if you don't want to flow which is def option and what I like to do)

> Choose a clear topic. Don’t try to cover five topics at once.

> Outline what you want to talk about.
> Breathe.
> Go live for at least 10 minutes (20 is the sweet spot).
> Teach and then answer questions.
> Drive to a lead magnet.
> Boost the video to reach more people.


Practical shit:

ADS - 

> Create a Facebook business page if you have not already

> Set up Facebook Pixel

> You can create an audience in Facebook with what you think your soulmate clients are into OR you can use your email list and let Facebook do the rest. I recommend the latter, but always do what feels good to you and play around.

> Use a catchy photo and headline. Really SHOW UP here.

> You can direct them to message you, join your email list with a free thing like a meditation, prompts, etc..opt into your training..if you are asking the audience to buy something..use testimonials from people you have helped in the past or previous clients.



So, for this exercise, I want you to take 5-10 minutes (ideally now), where you sit quietly, thinking + breathing over your goals and choices. And then write a list:

> ‘These are the things I get to clear’

> Please fill at least 2 pages with that.

Then circle or highlight the ones that feel really hard or scary. The ones which DON’T feel hard or scary, look at them as you go and just cross them off.

This is an energetic way of saying – and you can say this aloud as you do it – “yes, I now choose to let that go”.

For the so-called hard or scary ones, you’re then simply going to give them a little more attention, by writing a statement like this:

“Even though I feel scared or unsure about ______ (insert the thing), and I don’t know how I can clear or move past that, I now choose to focus on my wants and choices, and move forward with a clear path”.

That’s it.

If it feels important to do so, you can choose to repeat these statements a few times over, and/or incorporate them into your daily affirmation work from today on, until you really feel it’s integrated.

Remember, the biggest shifts come about simply via a day by day process of tuning in, and being in awareness.


* I choose to let me life + business get even easier. I can see it. I can feel it. It’s happening now.

* Selling is sacred. Selling is an avenue for me to do what I came here to do. Selling is an opportunity. Selling is of high service.

* I am in a perfect position for success. I am a direct channel for all my desires. I am taken care of. The universe has my back.

* God loves the fuck out of me. I can do no wrong. It’s safe to follow my heart. It’s safe to have fun in the process.

* I am worthy of the money I desire. Money loves me. It makes sense for me to be massively supported by money. I have big work to do. I deserve to be carried through as I show up.

* I always make between ______ and ______ each month. I get excited knowing I always make $X each month.

* I get to have everything I want. My dreams and desires are not fantasies and wishes. They are what I’m made to have.

* I can feel myself moving to my next level. I easily discover the evidence this is happening in my life + business right now.

* I always make the best decisions. I know exactly what to do. Everything is coming together so perfectly.

* I assume the position of the boss, the queen, the prize, the whole fucking vibe. I take what’s mine. I create my life how I want. I realize my power. I choose now to claim the fucking crown.