Upward Spiral

Guided PromptsPart 2

Now lets identify the patterns and rearrange the energy behind them. I've included some journal prompts with past examples I wrote down over the last few years that really helped me during this time of permanently breaking unwanted patterns.

👑 1. What patterns seem to re-occur around home, family, money, business/career, or healing that you would like to break permanently?

(Example: I can't seem to have a stable relationship with my mom. Things are good but then they become confusing again and I start to feel abandoned/misunderstood all over again. It is painful and somewhat driving me crazy. I don't know what to do....


....There is an up-and-down pattern with money. It comes and I feel supported, safe, and taken care of but I desire to have more than enough. I desire to earn + receive even more..just because..I would like consistent money flow that expands and grows.)

👑 2. What was the cause of this pattern? Did someone hurt you? Is it just how it’s always been? Are you repeating a cycle you watched your parents experience? Have an experience with yourself and get real on when or how this started. You may find some ah-ha moments here.

(Example: To me it feels like the more healed + successful I am, the more my mom grows distant and critical. This started when I really started verbalizing my pain directly + online as I share my story. It feels like I can't be myself without denying parts of my reality/childhood to make her feel better. It feels like I have to choose my truth or making her more comfortable with her own pain from the past.....

.....with money its always been this way. I would gain financial success in business and then she other part of my life would suffer...I would put my attention on the thing suffering but then my finances would take a hit. It really does feel like no matter what I do, it's never enough to have what I really want. I remember my mom saying "no matter what I do, it's never enough" in relationships, income, parenting. It was a real vibe that lingered over my household daily. I think my pattern started here and maybe a part of myself just believed this is how life is. 

👑 3. What stories or beliefs have you told yourself about the pattern?


(Ex: No matter what I do - it’s never enough, some people never change, etc)


This could be anything. Really lean into this question and discover what things you have convinced yourself of around why the pattern continues to cycle. What honest statements have you made about the pattern in a time of stress or exhaustion? We are normally for truthful in these moments. If you could be real with yourself without hiding behind a positivity mindset to avoid how you are really feeling/thinking about the pattern...what would you let yourself admit now?

👑 4. How do you feel when you re-live this pattern?

(ex: get me out of here. when will she see how much impact I make? When will she admit what she did? it makes me feel abandoned, unseen, unheard, disliked (hated even) and ...not enough....

...with the money it feels exhausting and confusing. What in the world do I have to say or do to break through to the next level? I deserve this. What is fucking stopping me?)

👑 5. What are some new higher beliefs you could believe instead?

To create new beliefs, feel into the best version possible. Create statements around that version of reality that feel powerful and almost too good to be true.Only write the reality that you truly want. When I first did this exercise I thought I wanted my mothers acceptance and attention. After writing what I wanted down, it actually didn't have anything to do with her and more about me.

EX: (My mother understands me + my work. She accepts me for who I am and takes interest in what I'm doing....Actually..thats not what I want...I desire to be released from this situation. I want to feel at peace and filled with joy regardless of where my mother stands or if she ever gives me the love I desire. I want to care less and thrive more...

....Money flows naturally into my bank account. I never struggle again. I am always taken care of and have more than enough. I get to spend and splurge as often as I want. I have more than enough to live, play, expand, invest, at my will. It's all easier than I could have ever imagined and I change nothing about me or my business to make it there.)

👑 6. In an ideal world where the above is true, what does that feel like to be living the new reality now?

👑 7. How have you become available for this to re-occur? What needs to be decided? What are you no longer willing to tolerate?

Example (I am no longer willing to tolerate abuse or harm in any form. I will not participate in lack of support, explaining, defending, over-compensating, or trying too hard. I will no longer tolerate financial struggle or sacrifice good things in my life for more money. I decide now that I get to have both - I get to have it all - and I am more than enough to receive it. Maybe I have been available for this because some part of me needed to prove something or recreate drama in some way..but I decide that consistent inner peace is what I want now. I claim that over my life and command all that is not serving me to be removed from my experience)

👑 8. How have you identified with the pattern? Does the pattern reaffirm something about who you think you are or what you are capable of?


(Ex: “I can handle a lot”, I’ve been through so much - nothing can phase me” "I'll get through this - like I always do" "I am independent, a boss babe - I don't need help from anyone - I can duo it by myself. I WANT to do it by myself because the reward will be that much tastier. I want to say I did this by myself" "I'm used to it. Thats just how they are")


Remember, when we have a high tolerance for pain, we are available to larger amounts of it. We get what we tolerate. This is true for poverty, drama, and chaos. Really think on the ways you may have identified with the pattern. Is there an underlying story you are trying to convince yourself of to protect who you think you are or must be?

👑 9. Is there a bad thing you think might happen if you finally break the cycle or remove the unwanted thing/situation?

Ex: (I won't have any family. Something bad could happen and I will have no-one to lean on for help. My family will hate me for getting free from the pain...I will be a reminder of their own lack of healing. at least that is how it feels right now..They will be jealous of I succeed further. They might attack me online or try to paint me as who they see me as vs who I truly am....

....with money a lot of the above still applies. It feels like my family will hate me or become jealous that I am paid well for my work. People might ask me yo compensate for them if I earn/have more. I will hold more responsibility by earning more which could lead to more potential for stress or time away from my daughters.)

👑 10. Is the above ultimately true? Is it written in stone somewhere that the above will indefinitely happen? (the answer is no)

👑 11. If the above would not happen and you could expand now knowing everything would turn out better than expected...what would you do now?

(I would let myself get louder. I would stop hiding online. I would carry myself like someone who won the lottery. I would not second guess my ideas or nudges. I would feel safer. I could let more love in and let more love out.)

👑 12. Is there someone else you are putting in front of your elevation? Is someone or something being jeopardized if you heal, expand, move on?

Example: (a romantic relationship, children involved, a big job many people want , etc)

It's safe to put yourself first. Disregarding your owns needs feels selfish at first, but you can't save or help anyone with an empty cup. Before you start focusing on what everyone else needs, what do you need? How can you act accordingly to your needs and desires?

👑 13.If nothing bad would happen, if no-one would get hurt, what would you do now? (While someone may get hurt, this will help you decide what you really want to do for you)

👑 14. If you knew you were safe, protected, and loved immensely and really knew that with everything inside you…what would you do now?  How would it feel in your body? 

👑 15. What things have you gotten used to that you would like to be brave enough to elevate now?

👑 16.What areas have felt like settling? If it were safe to say what you want to shift and things always get to be better and better…what would you like to claim now?

👑17. If nothing bad would happen for leaving behind the old, what would you leave behind? Habits? Automatic responses? Thoughts? Behaviors?

👑18. The version of you that has been set free from the unwanted cycle - what does she do?. How does she operate? How does she feel? How does she be?

👑19. In a world were the cycle shifted into something completely different, what would that look like? Feel like?

👑20. If/when conditions. What conditions have you set for yourself before you get to be/do/have the thing?


(Ex: When I heal this relationship, it will get better… If I change X then it will be different…etc)


If and When are trigger words to show us where we are living based on conditions. To feel worthy and deserving of the life you want requires you to remove these statements from your belief system and replace them with something truer. List out all your if/when conditions you’ve placed upon your pattern or thing you want to see in your physical reality.

👑21. What if your experience is serving you in some way? If it wasn’t hurting you or stopping you or slowing you down…how would it change? Find the opportunity in your situation and you will align with the wisdom to transform it. What can you gain/learn/grow from this?

👑22. How have your lessons occurred for you up until now? Rock bottom? Lots of stress? Write out how moving through your life lessons feel right now.

👑23. How would you like to learn your lessons? If you got to move through them with more ease, grace, and flow, what would that look like? How would you be in those situations?

👑24. If nothing is wrong with you what does that mean about your pattern?

👑25. If the cycle you are experiencing now was your final cycle, how would that feel? In what ways would your thoughts and behavior shift?

👑26. If it was safe to move through this one last time and the elevated, set-free version of you was always meant to go through this one last time…knowing this - how does your situation change?

👑27. If you were the elevated, set-free version of you right now without a doubt in your mind - what thoughts, lies, or stories would you release?

👑28. What evidence can you find in your physical experience that you are healing, getting richer, discovering love, and getting what you desire right now?


Even the little things (which is usually where looking for evidence starts) are proof it’s working. You have to look for it. There is always evidence. Find it. Write it down. Find more evidence everyday that what you want is happening now.

👑29. What things are going well for you? What do you love about yourself and your life?

👑30. If you brought that energy into other areas of your life that don’t feel so alive or where you want them to be, what would they look like?


🥂Feel the feelings of the pattern breaking and your desired reality happening before your eyes right now. Feel it everyday especially when it looks like its not happening.

🥂Focus on your progress. Do this at the end of each day. Where did you exercise your muscle of awareness? How did you apply this formula? Look at the past year and write out how much you have gained/learned/elevated. Always focus on the progress.

🥂 Keep believing in radical shifts. Believe it can happen overnight. Believe it’s happening now.

🥂Lean back. When you notice the pattern reoccurring, do ANYTHING differently. Move differently, think new thoughts, tell yourself a new story. In one of my final patterns, all I could do was remain silent because in the past I used to yell, explain + defend myself and eventually say mean things back...It doesnt have to be perfect but it does have to be different. The new you can handle this. Thats why its happening again. So they new you can come forward and dimes the pattern with her energy. Let it happen. 

🥂 Be easy on yourself. Love the FUCK out of who you are and your effort. Even if you've made a small shift in your usual response to the pattern, let that be ENOUGH. The more you love yourself + the more you identity and remove the LIES that signal what progress or change has to "look" for it to be valid...the more you will you will have nothing to prove to yourself or anyone else. And with that of course comes rapid movement towards what you desire. It doesn't look like anything. It doesn't sound like anything. Do your best and believe you did your absolute best and that it enough.

🥂Keep believing in in radical shifts. Believe it can happen overnight. Believe it’s happening now. Never stop this work. It can always get better, Make a game of it.

🥂 Post any wins, ah-ha moments, miracles, and success stories you experience now and throughout the workshop in the group. Celebrate and support one another as we experience these breakthroughs big or small (ps there’s no such thing as a small miracle)



🎯 I find ways to celebrate the expansiveness that is occurring in my life right now.

🎯 Miracle moments happen for me everyday.

🎯 I release self-doubt and self-judgement. There is nothing I need to change about myself right now to receive.

🎯 I have more fun and get even happier even when life doesn’t give me an obvious reason to.

🎯 The only reason I go through cycles again is so I can change the course of history and quantum jump to a timeline that serves me better.

🎯 I invite in the cycles. I’m ready to respond as the woman I truly am.

🎯 When I experience cycles, it says nothing about me, my abilities, spiritual connection, or progress. I choose to see all my cycles as opportunities.

🎯 I learn my lessons with ease, grace, and flow. I am carried through. It keeps getting easier and easier.

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