Holy Shift

master your matrix.  drop the BS.  be the boss.

Here is what I know:

You are never given a dream or desire without the power to make it real


This is an important year


It’s the year you refuse to buy into the lie that you must suffer and sacrifice to receive blessings


2020 is the year you drop the struggle


We are making space for massive wealth, overflow, deep love and uncontrollable laughter


You were made for a great life


The thing is – its yours & I want to help you take it


There are some behaviors, habits, thoughts, and humans that need to be left in ’19. #cya


There are new ways, fun ideas, high vibes, and super divine connections that are waiting to meet you in ‘20


The truth is – Ive gotten myself into every mess and every massive uplevel, all by myself, every time.


So have you.


We decide how this life thing goes for us.


I want to show you how I have intentionally created my life down to every detail. I want to show you how I get specific with what I desire and bring energetic processes into my daily life.


I’m going to show you how I shift when I feel stuck, annoyed, or overwhelmed


This mentorship is personal

I’m going to take you behind the scenes into my life but more importantly my internal state for being, thinking and feeling


I want you to be in my energy, feel my vibes, and tap into your own unique wisdom + knowledge


The mentorship is a 1x1 experience with you, me, and a whole new level


I am stepping into 2020 with you and we are doing the guided inner work together.

I will share with you the habits, thoughts, and old processes that I am shifting for 2020 as well as my goals, fears, and all the plans


This is meant to inspire you and trigger your own crazy ideas that I am going to encourage you to follow



You made it.

Reflecting on 2019, you are probably experiencing the following:

You know yourself a little bit more

You believe in yourself a little bit more

You are done with the BS

You know you are here on purpose

You are tapping into new energy + new levels

You have a feeling about 2020

whats up final maybe_1 copy-2.jpg




I created this program for the rapid growing conscious culture.

It is like nothing else I have ever created.

details -

1x1 HS #mentorship is 8 weeks long

1 call x week

Customized guided inner work

(PS these are not the basic girl affirmations on insta)

A private FB group for support with lifetime access

Private live stream training which is held throughout the 8 weeks

Unreleased "Motivation Meditations" recorded by yours truly

>>(people love these!)

Exclusive and totally FREE Caviar Money Mindset Added Training

>>(valued at over $197)


 I want to collapse time with you

I want to show you how to gain confidence and certainty in your life

I will be with you every step of the way doing the work and supporting you with everything that comes up

Lets start the year off together, no BS, big vibe energy, tons of clarity, and instant access to overflow + miracles

Damn I love this part

I absolutely love 1x1 coaching

It is a unique and beautiful relationship that slowly builds into something new and exciting each time

My clients feel this


but I'll let them share their experience

Blank Instagram Stories copy-2.png
Blank Instagram Stories-2.png

This program includes practical and spiritual principles to guide you in:

Transitioning into overflow

Forming a healthy relationship with money

Setting clear goals for 2020

Upscaling our energetic minimums for what we allow in life + biz/goals

Creating energetic boundaries

Tapping into wealth

Shifting anxiety, panic, and overwhelm in life + business/goals

Learning how to operate from our highest self

Transforming self-betrayal and self-sabotage to follow through + commitment

How to jump into receiving mode instantly

Removing the barriers between you and what you want

Turning BS to gold

Mastering emotionality

Relaxing into alignment

What to do when we feel off track

Calling in Divine support with big dreams

Balancing the heart and the mind

When to use logic vs risk

Believing in your life + biz/goals and the vibe of certainity


If you have a burning desire to cultivate more in your life, then I get you.

Me too.

Although you don't need anyone or anything to receive more in life, it makes sense to work with someone who understands what it takes to get there

I deeply believe in this work and the influence it gives to the thousands of women that follow me online

This is about owning who you are and deciding what you are available for in your life. 


You get to decide how things go for you now

 We are writing new rules and choosing new outcomes. 


I am here to tell you the truth. I am here to remind you that you have the free will to decide how this life goes for you but you must decide.


You can feel if this program is right for you.

Your life + business shouldn't be soul sucking


Deep dive with me into the unknown like your life depends on it (bc it does) and let’s take what you f deserve


Its yours

You get to have it


Following my desires, following them unapologetically and making decisions about how this life thing goes for me has created freedom, power, and overflow.


I refuse to live life any other way


From this place – I know everything is possible


And I know it is possible for you too


You get to design your life and you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do to get there


I am here to hold space for you and give you the support you need

I got you


Let's do this

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- how it works -


-After enrollment we will schedule our first call and you will receive the link to the private fb group

- Enrollment closes Jan 18th but we can start your HSM as soon as we set dates


-If you are unable to make the scheduled FB lives, no worries, they are recorded and will be posted in the private group. These live trainings are for added support throughout your adventure and open to Q&A. The schedule will release Jan 20th. 

-After each call I will send you customized guided inner work for the week based on the breakthroughs, ideas, and energy of the call

-Calls are hosted via Skype and Zoom. They will be recorded so you have them for life.

- the breakdown + payment options -


This year I am doing something completely different. In honor of 2020 I am giving you the option to have all my 2020 content for free

My courses are $800-$1700

My trainings are $100-$600

All purchasable content I release this year is FREE to all Gold Level Members

The option for this in addition to the 1x1 coaching is at the bottom of this page

This years content is valued at well over 20k. I will be releasing tons of new video content on how I blend money, business and spirituality to consistently level up.

This will not be an option next year but I wanted to offer something wildly worth it to everyone who is feeling the magic in 2020 the way I am

Below you will see 4 payment options (the payment plan is new)

The first two are pay in full

"Gold Level" is the HOLYSHIFT 1x1 Mentorship PLUS ALL ACCESS to my 2020 content.

Damn this is exciting!

"Next Level" is the HOLYSHIFT 1x1 Mentorship plus all bonuses but **not including the all access 2020 package

See top of page if you missed the bonuses for everyone enrolling in either package

The last two payment options are payment plans for the above packages

The billing cycle for the payment plan is broken down to 4 payments every 2 weeks.

If you have any questions, please email the team 


HERE's the truth

Money. It's a vibe.

Business. It's another mf vibe.

You. You are the decision maker.

You get to make it in this life because that is your birthright

But you have to decide what vessel you want to use to drive over

God/Universe is always ready to work with you

if you settle, it says okay

if you want more, it says okay

Now is the time to think for yourself and decide what on earth you actually want

Are you ready?






Disclosure: Due to the nature of this course I cannot guarantee results because I cannot guarantee you will do the work. If you commit to the processes in this course and dedicate yourself to massive change, you will get results. You are doing this for you. Commit. I will be here to support you every step of the way.


By purchasing this course you agree to the terms and conditions given at the bottom of this page. 

Refunds: Currently I do not offer refunds. I deeply believe in this work and although I have never had a client ask for a refund  I will issue one before the first call