The Dashuri Experience 

Rhama Dashuri is a thought leader, self-made entrepreneur, digital program creator, author, and business mentor to thousands of women who follow her work online.

She is known for her “f*ck the rules” mentality and her new age approach on energetic principles around money and business.


Rhama dropped out of college in her second year after realizing it wasn’t for her. She went on to create multiple businesses from scratch (3 of which earning 6-figures) until she found the thing she loves most - empowering women to earn and receive at a level they deserve.


This is her mission.


Combining her deep knowledge of energetic and spiritual principles along with practical tools she learned in business. Rhama is different. With an authentic and untamed approach, she has earned a few titles among clients and interviewer.


“The Black Stallion of Coaching”

“Ayahuasca in a Martini Glass”


...but of all these titles,Rhama often goes by “Vibequeen”


She credits her success to pure determination, natural gifts and talents, experience, a deep desire to serve others, and a solid belief in her own dreams.

A note from Rhama Dashuri:


I do not do life conventionally or traditionally.


I have never approach things the normal way. From my other businesses to my parenting, I just did things differently. I refuse to settle for anything that seems difficult or boring. I needed space. I was the girl always asking “but why?” and when no one could give me the answer I needed I took things into my own hands.


 Risks don’t scare me. I’m the go big girl. I refuse to settle. I do things my way. I get to have the life I want and it gets to be easy. I apply this to every part of my life. I succeed and I do not take no for an answer. I have learned to love and trust myself with every blood cell in my body. This is what I’m here to teach you.


My job is this: To show you how to unleash your potential by tapping into the matrix of your soul, to evolve your idea of self-love and do something much bigger, to teach you how to access the infinite knowledge available to us all, to transform "what am I doing wrong?" with it "I know exactly what to do", to give support as we release the parts of us that no longer serve our big vision, to show you how to fill your new sleeve fully, make sure you know your value + your power, to shift your perspective and know what is possible, and to show you how doing it your way is the easiest way there is.


I’m here to tell you the truth.


It’s time to show up in your life release the bullshit, put yourself first, connect with your truth, and start making money moves that serve you in the world.


I offer real AF, intuitive, high chi services to women who know they’re made for more.


If this is your vibe, then I’m here for it.