The Dashuri Experience 

Have you ever said to yourself “There’s got to be more to life than this”


Work, pay the bills, raise the babies, do the things, repeat.


As humans, we ask ourselves this question for a reason.


The reason is, there IS MORE to life. Much much more.


Your higher self knows that. So she asks you that question time and time again.


It doesn’t come from making a family, making money, traveling, and just doing life things.


It comes from finding pure fucking joy.


When we find joy, we find purpose.


When we find purpose we find the more.


You get to create a life that is in constant overflow.


You get to create a life that blows your dreams away.


I re-wrote this bio because I didn’t want to share more about where I came from - the pain/depression/anger – than where I am now because I believed it was possible for me. 


You don’t need a victim story to have a success story.


What has happened in the past – that’s not you


Quit relating to her


We can learn a lot from our past selves but who you are meant to be is more important.


Hi :)


My name is Rhama Dashuri


 I am a soulful mindset and spiritual business coach, badass mom <3, master manifestor, self-love guru, and self-made entrepreneur with a gangster lean.


I teach people how to go bigger in life, get financially free, have the things, go to the places, with ease grace and flow.


I teach people how to live a life they are in love with and show them what is possible.


My job is this: To remind you who the fuck you are, guide you as you transform your fears into authentic power, teach you how to go bigger, get louder, in life + business and do it unapologetically, become the person you were always meant to be, show you how to quit playing small, create a space for you to get vulnerable and honest and grow massively into your new sleeve, walk with you into the dark abyss and teach you how to walk fearlessly, show you how to rewire yourself to get unstuck, unhappy, and unmotivated, teach you how to access answers + clarity instantly and boss the fuck out in your life every day.


I am not like other coaches.


I will tell you the truth.


I will keep it real and do it in love.


I want to see you happy, rich af, and living a life that blows your dreams away.


The time is now.


You get to have it all and I want to show you how.


If you are ready for major shifts in your life, then I’m your woman.


I’ve got your back.


I want it for you as bad as you do.


I know you were made for more.


I know what you are capable of.


You are ready.


Welcome to the Dashuri Experience


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