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im going to be straight up with you

I had a woman in mind while thinking about the evolution of #LIONQUEEN
I thought about this woman often as I stepped into new levels of love, money and ways of human be-ing
I found myself going deeper. The deep beyond the deep.
The shit that scared me. The parts of myself I didn't understand.
Ive always been curious about the places I shouldn't go.
Darkness, mystery, philosophy, and death were roommates in my google search margin for as long as I can remember
Ive often been the girl who does the thing everyone tells me not to do. All the warning signs in the world couldn't keep me from touching the spindle -
#lionqueen is an idea that could only be born from doing inner shadow work, deliberately entering dark waters, and staying for just long enough to trip upon sought out treasure.
I know you've experienced this before.
What else waits for us in the depths of the outer outer space?
As I imagined this circle of women manifesting, I kept you in mind.
#lionqueen is a vibe
She is the animal rising when you do your make up half naked, blasting that song
She is the crone in thought when you are with yourself holding that delicious glass of red wine
She is the mother when you love so hard the vibe could be a song
She is the boss in you..for obvious reasons
She is the artist arousing you when you play
She is the rebel growling when you flip your hair
#lionqueen is a - back to black - approach
for unleashing your inner jungle into the world
I made this for women who want to travel light through the inner Selva Oscura. The dark wood. Dante Inferno.
I won't lie to you, this shit gets weird
There are exercises and guided shadow work weekly that intentionally bring you to discomfort. 
but the pace is chill and the environment is a party.
#lionqueen is also a solid support system designed so you can drop in throughout your week when you need a new perspective on goddess living shit.
There is a massive amount of support from myself and everyone in the group to help you stay in the game and rise up, every day.
This isn't about becoming the #lionqueen
It's for women who know they are the #lionqueen
obviously, you dont have to do anything you dont want to and you will still be loved and supported.
You also get to leave the MM after you get what you came for or stay for the year. Either way, it's flexible with 0 long term commitment.
This group has the body of a mastermind with the head of Medusa.
The Mastermind part will help you with:
+ showing up
+ intention setting
+ hitting your goals
+ embracing support
+ brainstorming
+ balance​ creation
The Medusa part will help you:
+ gain confidence in love, money, and purpose
+ trigger inner shadow work
+ hold you through the BS
+ re-evaluate darkness
+ heal wounds
+ trust fear

asked myself:

What kind of woman is she?
Where does she need support?
What is required for her to elevate in every area of her life?
And what will it take for her to feel the power that surges through her and body and kisses her insides?
yea, I had a woman in mind.
She's the chick that somehow makes it look like everything is together when the inside is messy af.
She feels things, but she doesn't let them overtake her..for long
She falls, but always gets back up
I wanted to create a container for high vibe energy while also forming a support system for women everywhere to feel held. 
But most importantly I wanted to create a space for women to come undone and feel normal, safe, and empowered at the same damn time.
This group has a personality. I really felt guided to paint the vibe of  this poetic experience so you know whats up.
This is not your average motivational, go-go-go, onward slay, mastermind.
We totally bring all of that to the table
This is an intentional arena for shadowing shifting, exploring undervibes, and creative stimulation through darkness.
your darkness.
your fear.
your gross uncomfortable feels that seem too much sometimes.
Everyone is scared of their greatness
The #lionqueen mastermind is here to hold you has you rise up into the next level of love, money and purpose and fill you up along the way.
The peer to peer support will wake you up on new levels because you are in a space with women just like you.
They will get you.
So, this is the vibe.
Here is a breakdown of the #lionqueen mastermind
> Peer to peer support
> Monthly VIP LIVE calls w/ yours truly
>Guided inner shadow work
>Extraordinary exercises (these are the feels)
> Consistent group text support
>Manifesting desires
>Emotionology ( PS I made this word up)
> Massive confidence
>Connecting and expanding purpose
> Setting unrealistic goals
> Quantum healing
> Empowerment workshops
> Money mindset training (LIVE stream bonus)
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> Continual coaching, shifting and masterminding inside our private chat group.

> Monthly LIVE group training call (with q&a - ask me whatever)

>Special offers on any digital trainings or courses I launch while in mastermind

>Unlimited group FB messenger audio & text support (this is where the magic happens)

>#LIONQUEEN is an on going, year-round group. You only pay the deposit one time. From there, there is a monthly price. (this link will be emailed separately at the end of month #1. Choose to stay as long as you'd like. No commitment required.

>BONUS!! Caviar Money Mindset (valued at $333) for free >> plus new

live q&a as we do CMM together. more details inside the private group


Let yourself explore the black. Feel the support of women just like you. Heal your relationship with money. Rise up from where you are. Do it rapidly with this high vibe support system. Embody your vibe in a new way. Receive what you need. Shift. Go to your next level.

#lionqueen Magic:

From my experience, massive change comes from disrupting your routine. Magic happens when we wake up to the present moment, trust our guidance system, and take a leap of faith. The set price is insane deal for what the #lionqueen offers. Although its valued much higher than the deposit or monthly cost, I set this price with the intention to share my shadows, the process that altered my inner state permanently, and the vision of hand picked women in a powerful container for growth, wildness, and evolution.

Let me accompany you to the weird, the off, the uncomfortable, and lift you up as you access the heavens.

Its real shit.

Deep Jungle Love,


The deposit is $399. The monthly payment is $199.

Email assistant@rhamadashuri.com with any questions.

The monthly payment begins 30 days after the deposit.

The deposit takes care of the first month.

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Disclosure: Due to the nature of this mastermind I cannot guarantee results. If you commit to the processes + exercises in this, participate and dedicate yourself to the work, you will get results. You are doing this for you. Show up and I will too.

By purchasing this mastermind you agree to the terms and conditions given at the bottom of this page. 

Refunds: Currently I do not offer refunds. I deeply believe in this work and although I have never had a client ask for a refund  I will issue within 48 hours of purchase