Monetize the Bullsh*t - Video One

Inner Guided Work:

1. What appears to be holding me back/triggering me? Write all of this in detail.

2. How does the set back/pain/circumstance make me feel?

3. Is there a story I'm telling about myself because I feel this? (ex: "I can't be happy because ..." "If this never happened, I would be further along etc" "There is something wrong with me because of...")

4. Where is this pain/discomfort manifesting in my body? Does it have a color or shape? Is there a time or person associated with it? Take a moment to close your eyes and feel it for 60 seconds. Acknowledge it.

5. How would you be/feel if you knew you were actually doing your best and somehow this was working for me?

6. If you did believe in limitless possibilities and ultimate happiness, how would any negative or weird situations in your life or business get to shift?

7. How would it feel to have everything you ever wanted in that area of your life?

8. How would others in this scenario be if everything occurring was in line with your ultimate desires (the best version of events)? (ex: they would be happy for me, they would give me the space I desire, they would be kinder, etc)

9. How would you FEEL if everything were occurring in line with your ultimate desires? Journal this out while allowing these feelings into your body.


Call it into your existence now and let your body + mind feel the shift being real.

Decide on the energetic/spiritual level that it is done. Continue to lock this in each day in your journal or daily affirmations. Life is rearranging RIGHT NOW for this to become true for you. amen.


Say it with me:

> I release ____ and allow myself to feel my feelings.

> It's safe to be a hot mess and receive at the same damn time. I am okay.

> The Universe fucking loves me.

> Things are beginning to turn around for me right now.


Monetize the Bullsh*t - Video Two

Inner Guided Work:


1) Who the fuck are you?


Example: I am Rhama Fucking Dashuri. I am the vibe queen. I am a strong, hot, brilliant, determined woman. I get to make waves. I get to make a massive difference in people's lives. Their lives are never the same because they find my work. I committed to this mission and calling.


(If you don't know the answer to this -- answer with who you want to be.)


2) Where are you going?

Hint: go big and don't hold back.


Example: Everywhere haha. I'm just getting started. My work is internationally known to hundreds of thousands of people. I am known for breaking rules and inspiring others to create a new way. Their way. I am... everywhere. My work is all over the internet. I am earning $60k a month. I am fully supported in my business. I have developed and grown the most amazing team. My family is thriving. I have homes in my favorite cities. I have it all and I am so happy.


3) If self consciousness did not exist, what would you now do in your life + business?


Example: If self consciousness was not a thing, I would get even more real, even louder. I would be even more myself online without holding back any part of me.


As the self-consciousness is now gone, I would be carefree in being more of who I really am. even more myself and say even more ridiculous things online. All the things that are secretly a little held back from my online presence, would have to come out. I would own my opinions, feelings, thoughts, and spiritual understandings even more.


4) If fear did not exist what would you do in your life/business?


Example: If fear did not exist, I would allow myself to charge higher rates, date that sexy man with the lambo, teach on whatever the f feels exciting to me and explode in my income and impact ten fold immediately.


As the fear of loss is now gone, I am able to see that there was never anything to lose or wrong turn to make. I now see that it is fully safe to become more visible, more impactful, more loved, and way fucking richer. I now choose to know and believe that nothing bad must occur because I choose into receiving even more. I choose to know and believe that it is safe to elevate to the next level with grace, ease and flow. Loss, suffering and sacrifice were never actually required.


5) If your doubt and disbelief were automatically removed, what would you do in your business?


Example: If doubt and disbelief did not exist, I would choose to go full throttle with my inspirations. I would release any regret or off feelings from the past. I would let go of any "mistakes" and own fully who tf I am.


As doubt is now gone, I choose to know that the wildest of my dreams is totally possible and on it's way to me. I now choose to give myself the freedom to dream really really fucking big.


As dread is now gone, I choose to know that everything gets to occur in my favor and positively effect my life, my bank account, my love life, and every little thing in between. I am free to get really excited about the future and allow in the fun, ease, + delight.


As disbelief is now gone, I choose to know my divine power and worth. I am everything. It's all available to me. I choose to let go of all lies that say anything other than how perfect, chosen, and deserving I am of everything my heart desires.


6) What does all of this mean for you now?


This means good things are coming. It means this is my mf birthright to be taken care of and to receive. It means success + healing is inevitable. It means god universe has my back and there is no way I could f this up.


I also choose to know that it is fully inevitable for my impact to continually expand. It is safe to be paid to be myself EVEN MORE. It is safe to earn easily and receive all good things easily.


>>>I choose to relax into knowing how good things get to be.

>>I choose to relax into knowing how perfect things actually are.


        >I choose to relax into the truth that life is really fucking good.


1) Given the above, is there anything you are ready to release right now?


2) What would you like to forgive yourself for? (ex: playing small, judging yourself, feeling not enough, forgetting who the fuck you are, etc?)


3) Is there anyone/anything else you would like to forgive/release?



Say it with me:


Healing is happening within me right now.


I am bigger than all the bullshit.


I choose now to receive all that was made for me


I am _____ mother fucking ________


I am whole, kind, good-hearted, sexy af, total badass, who is ready to be taken care of like the queen I am


The universe fucking loves me



Monetize the Bullsh*t - Video Three

Inner Guided Work:


>>Write out all of your core money memories. Childhood. Teenage years. Young Adult. Adult.


- Notice what these instances taught you about yourself and money.


(Ex: One of my money memories is my mom putting her head in her hands after working overtime that week and still not having enough for Xmas. I remember her saying “no matter what I do, it’s never enough” countless times growing up. This taught me that regardless of how much effort I put out, I will always end up struggling. It taught me that to “get by” I had to put massive effort out and if I didn’t even worse would happen.)


We are looking at these stories with the intention to release any outdated, ancient beliefs about money (maybe one that has been passed down for generations in your family/sex/culture)


Let’s choose to see this with a new mind.


>>Pray: God/Universe, I am willing to see things differently. Help me to shift my perspective.


>>Ask yourself: Is the belief I picked up around this memory ultimately true?


See what new positive ideas begin to emerge.


>>Go through these memories and begin to write a story that feels better around each one.


 (it is safe to forgive those who hurt us. It happened. It’s done. It is in the past. there is no need to hold on to it longer.)

Setting Energetic Minimums.


In life, we get what we believe we can have.


>> What is the lowest possible amount you can imagine making in a month?


This is your energetic minimum.


We get to practice raising this number.


>> How would it feel to have a bigger number that you can not imagine going lower than?

Monetize the bs

>> What situations, past, or pain do I desire to monetize on?

>> How can I reframe, use for good, or teach on these moments?

>> What stories come up around being the expert or deemed worthy to teach/share these subjects?

>> If I could trust the guided inspiration to use this to serve the world, what would that be?

>> If it was safe to share, talk about, and help others with similar pain points, what would I allow myself to talk about now?

Take it to the next level:


What do I wish were true for me?


What would I do now if I believed the above were true for me?


How would I feel now if I believed the above were true for me.


** Come back into the place of believing each day.


** Practice shifting back and hold the feeling of what you desire being yours.

Say it with me:

> I choose to receive $X amount into my life each month. I am so excited to receive this. I know I am worthy of all my desires.

> I am worthy of the money I desire.

> I always make between ___ and ____ each month.

> I am ready and will to clear my history, blocks and stories around money.

> I choose to use all that was meant for pain or negativity for good. I am willing to receive the guidance to heal and monetize from it all.