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I love taking life circumstances that do not serve me or make me feel good and changing the energy behind it to be used for good.


I also love earning/receiving/increasing cash flow.


I really love blending these two skills together + teaching others the ropes.


I mean even Beyonce understands “best revenge is your paper”


This isn’t about revenge on the people that say the things on the internet or the boy that broke your heart or the boss that let you go, looked you over and disrespected you. No. This isn’t even about revenge on your parents or a painful past..

Whatever you are healing/moving through/elevating from, it can all be used for highest service to the world and you can be massively compensated for it if that is what you desire.


That’s what this is about.


Taking control of the BS and creating something that turns you on.


My life changing up-level came from breaking a cycle of rise fall, rise fall. It was like I had this phoenix rising complex. I was so conditioned to the fall and accustomed to the bullshit that came with it. Rising from the ashes became something to look forward to while I opted into suffering and sacrifice. Like a cat with infinite lives, I would get back up. Again and again.


This makes me sound like a badass full of resilience + strength & though that’s true...

I was exhausted


I didn’t want a taste of peace - I wanted the whole fucking vibe forever & ever amen. I did not want to settle for inconsistency. We get to have what we want and how we want it.


I felt like I was doing everything “right” but shit just kept fucking happening.


There were many times I forgot I was in control of my life and had the power to change anything. Other times I wanted to give up altogether. (Whatever you do - dont do that)


Real story: then one day I just kind of refused. I looked this bullshit in the face and said nah. Not participating anymore.


All along freedom was actually a lot closer than I thought


Are you down to monetize the BS?


I will also show you how I lean into pain and embrace healing on another level.


I’m a genius at turning something meant for pain, negativity or chaos into purpose.

I mastered it.


aaaand while I was up to some magical shit I was like, “well damn, if we get to do anything, lets transform this yuck into cash money too.”


We love money.


(Also If that triggered weird shit in you, remember, you are safe and it is all good to desire f tons of money but thats a different training)


We get to choose how this life thing goes for us. 


You are bigger than the bullshit.


You are way more powerful than all the weird vibes & It’s safe to refuse ANYTHING that is less than what you truly desire.


Some of my best content, trainings and courses have come from taking bullshit and using it for good.


You do not have to be a coach or mentor for this to work for you.


Monetization is a vibe of increase, overflow, and more than enough.


We will talk about this more on the live stream <3

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> Drop the weird vibes in your life that feel like no matter what you do its never enough


> Permanently alter any up down up down cycles...


> Rearrange the energy of circumstances in your life meant for bad, pain, or chaos..

> Learn how to monetize ANYTHING..

> Release and heal any old stories that are not serving your highest good..


Then I wouldn't miss this live stream!

Etsy Item Listing Photo-2.png

Our first live call is Monday Oct. 5

2nd live call is Wednesday Oct. 7

3rd live call is Friday Oct. 9th

All calls are held 7:30PM EST


If you cant make the live - no worries - you have access to all content and updates for life. My team and I will still answer any specific questions you have in regard to the live call.


Custom guided prompts will be delivered after each call (these are f GOLD)


Private group link with pre-work will be emailed shortly after enrollment.

(You will need access to facebook to participate in the live call)


There are two payment options. Pay-in-full + Payment Plan. The PIF option is slightly discounted.

PP option is divided into 3 weekly payments.

For more questions please email us here >> <<

I deeply believe in this work. If you are called to join, trust that.

Can't wait to vibe with you online.


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Pay-In-Full option

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