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For so many people on this planet talking about needing more money, it’s ironic to watch people hush money convos, feel awkward talking about money, and play small with financial goals.


Often I watched people feel bad for wanting more than what they already have, feel less than those who have money, and settle for struggle as they internally submit to the lie that massive wealth just isn’t in the cards for them.

Not too long ago I made a ton of money on the stock market in just a few hours. Shortly after I cashed out, I met some new friends for lunch. I was so excited about my recent money moves the first thing I said when I pulled up was “I f love money!”


Immediately someone in the group made an odd comment and tried to change the subject attempting to save me from appearing greedy or something. (weird) I laughed and replied


“Everyone loves money. I’m just not afraid to admit it


Even more recently, I was with a group of people in Miami. As we drove past the multi-million dollar homes on Ocean Drive I said, “Guys, How excited are you that one day we will be living in a home like this?!” Silence filled the car. I could almost hear their thoughts saying,  “Yeah, I wish.” In that moment I realized a healthy money mentality wasn't so common.


In fact, it was the very thing keeping my friends from dreaming big and having more.

After years of working with spiritual entrepreneurs in their business, mindset and energy, I discovered a common denominator that was once prominent in my own life.


This illusion that money was bad, wrong, greedy, evil or superficial had created a painful reality for them that they were so used to it felt normal.


I refuse to watch my friends, family, and clients give up because they don’t believe they get to have what they really want. I will not stand by while women shrink their dreams out of fear it will never happen.

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& it still is. Even in the middle of a global pandemic, money is still the vibe.

We broke record sales for Rhama Dashuri INC twice this summer. Regardless of the economic climate, I understand that my earning potential solely relies on me + the energy I hold with money.


There is nothing outside of you that has control over your financial freedom more than you do.

Money isn’t even the thing.

Freedom is the thing.

You seek freedom to do what you want when you want (which you should).

You seek freedom from the guilt of wanting more than you already have.

You seek freedom from the overwhelm of debt + bills.

You seek freedom from the frantic stress of money running out.

You seek freedom to invest in your family + community.

You seek freedom from feeling less than, mediocre, or average.


I get it.

I did not come from money. Quite the opposite actually. I grew up in a very poor side of town. The local church donated gifts during Christmas. I practically raised my sister as my mom was working 80 hour weeks to provide the little we had. Most nights we ate pasta (we are Italian af but pasta was also cheap) Everything was from a garage sale.

The vibe in my home was struggle, freaked out, and exhaustion from never ever enough.


Even as an young adult determined to break what felt like a generational curse in my family (hint: it wasn’t a curse just a mindset), I found myself hustling for money and success. Yet somehow, every time, I would manifest an expense or chaotic situation that required me to spend what I had earned.


It felt like a vicious cycle and soul sucking endless hamster wheel I couldn’t get off of.

A year into my coaching I watched Tony Robbins “I am not your guru” on Netflix. Business was going okay but there was still a lot of up and down with earning. The documentary was amazing but there was one prayer Tony  prayed early on in his business that stuck out to me most.


He said “God show me how to make money and I will help others do the same


I do things very differently from Tony. His documentary wasn’t even about money. But I prayed the prayer anyways.


Since then I have learned so much about the energy and vibration of money but more importantly I developed a relationship with money through my conscious experiences with it and that is what I want to teach you.


I am determined to help soulful women create + earn + receive + and consistently increase their money flow. It’s my mission to teach women like you how to lean back and let the universe take care of you.


You can read all the books, obsess over LOA and manifestation rituals, or learn money strategies from the experts but if you are not holding the current to receive you will continue to repeat your financial patterns.


This work is deeper than getting what you want

(which you are SO innately deserved)

but more importantly stepping into freedom, worthiness, and feeling totally carefree. It’s empowering and healing.


Believing we get to have a great life full of unlimited amounts of money is a choice we all get to make.


Wealth, money + success are all generated inside of you. When we change how we think + be with money, we change our experience with money which changes our reality with money.

Here are some money miracles I’ve collected from my clients:


$ Unexpected checks in the mail

$ Unplanned clients purchasing services

$ Forgotten stocks rediscovered

$ Inspired ideas that lead to an increase in sales

$ Gifted money

$ Discovering high valued products at home (like Pokemon cards in the attic)

$ Finding money in the dryer or hidden place at home

These money miracles happen every time these women commit to shifting their money mentality and rearranging the energy around money in their lives +business. I believe it is a foundation for life actually.

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> Exhaustion from finding a way to make ends meet

> Feeling like no matter what you do it’s never enough

> Anxious or Avoidance when paying bills or debt

> Overthinking money manifestation tools

> Guilty for wanting more than you already have

> Fear that desiring more or lots of money is bad, wrong or evil

> Find yourself avoiding bigger dreams or life goals filled with luxury

> Feeling like there is never enough money

> Find yourself using a parent or partner as a rebound if all goes wrong (even if its just mental back up planning)

If you answered yes to any of the above, its okay. At one point I would have checked every single box plus more


Money gets to be an unlimited resource that feels safe, reliable and consistent.


That is a very real reality just like how your current situation may feel very real too. The goal is to switch these realities and make poverty and not enough seem impossible to you. If things can fall apart quickly, they can come together quickly. #moneymindset

I believe in this work deeply.

I believe in you.


If you commit to the principles in this training and apply them to your daily awareness of money, you will call in more money, opportunities for success, and wealth mentality without doing anything my switching up your vibe.


If your heart is screaming to opt in to this live training where we will go over everything I know about the energy of money + answer your specific questions directly then I wouldn’t wait.

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This training is a * 4 Part Live Stream * held in a private facebook group. After enrollment, you will receive the link to the private group where you can access the pre-work and bonus video

(dropping Wed Aug 5th)


We will start the live stream Thursday August 14th 7PM EST.

All live streams will be held Thursday's @ 7PM EST over a 4 week period..


If you can't make the live, no worries. You have unlimited replays and can post your questions in the comments where I will support you fully throughout the training.

When the live training is posted on the site, I will give you links and passwords to access the page.

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 Are you offering a payment plan?

>> Yes. At the bottom of this page you can access the payment plan. The payment plan is $133 charged bi-weekly for 3 cycles. Pay-in-full has a slight discount @ $333 total.

 Do you guarantee results?

>> I believe in this work with every cell in my body. If you do the work, commit yourself 100%, and follow the processes step-by-step, you will experience the wild results you. Because I can’t guarantee that you’ll do the work, I can’t guarantee that you’ll get results. This training is your responsibility to go all out and take initiative in your own success. You've got this.

 I have a standard job, set salary OR I am a stay at home parent. Is this only for entrepreneurs?

>> No. The truth about money is it unlimited to everyone regardless of what you do for a living or if you have a job at all. This mindset has helped women manifest money and opportunities in so many ways. Sometimes it's through a better job, their partner, or fat checks handed to them out of nowhere. The list goes on but the possibilities are endless.

Do you offer refunds?

>> I've never had anyone ask for a refund and I don't believe you will want one but if you dive into the pre-work and find yourself not vibing with my style, I will issue a full refund 24 hours after purchase.

 How long do I have access to the modules for?

>> You have lifetime access to all training videos + bonuses.

 I really want to opt in to this exclusive offer but I don't have time to participate right now. What can you do for me?

>> You can opt in now and take the course later when you are ready. All videos are available to you for life. Jump in the group (or online with your pw) and access them whenever you have more time. If you are led to this offer, opt in now. Prices tend to go up year after year as I add more content to the training.

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By purchasing this course you agree to the terms and conditions given at the bottom of this page.