Caviar Money Mindset 

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Giving + Receiving


When asking for financial help, in that moment, what are we telling ourselves?

Example: "I cant do this" "they owe me" "they have more" etc


When helping others financially, in that moment, what are we telling ourselves?

Example: "they need this more than me" "they cant do this without me" "its my job to help them" 


When you have more money coming in, do you excessively spend more on others?


> Have you ever felt someone owes you because of past situations?

...It's a gift to ask for help when we need it. It's also a gift to give to others. Be mindful of your actions and ask yourself if this is coming from a lack mindset. The point of this work is not to "watch out" for out-of-alignment givers and receivers. When we elevate ourselves, we naturally elevate to people and situations that match who we are choosing to be.


Its safe to rack up cash and not feel bad for having it

The world doesn't owe you anything because life may have been hard for you

Its safe take responsibility and release control+ resentment from others

This feels better

It's not your job to save others from their financial pain


How can you help others without "saving" them financially?


What can you do to create more money flow before resorting to asking for it?


"I am certain of my abundant future"

"I can relax knowing its already mine"

"I am more than enough"

"I have everything I need right now to receive more"

"I am confident in myself and my abilities"

"I declare massive abundance in my life"

"I have faith in my Sources"

"I am capable of anything"

"I choose joy anyways"

"I am in control of my reality, I say what goes"

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