Caviar Money Mindset 

Video 4




> What does it mean to be successful?

> What fears come up regarding success?

> If you couldn't fail, what would you do now?

> If your ideas are god-given, what does that mean for you?

> What is the worst case scenario if the thing doesn't turn out as planned?

..The worst case scenario is highly unlikely. We tell ourselves a lot of BS to keep us from starting or going bigger.


> How can you support yourself (emotionally and mentally) when you reach hurdles in life + money + biz?

..Everything gets to be an opportunity if you so choose.


> If failing isn't an option, how do we approach the moments in life when it looks like its not working out?

Remember, Don't stop believing until you get it.


> How can you trust yourself and the process even more?


> When we feel fear or doubt, how can you take back power over the situation?


Example: Relax, tap into joy, be grateful, trust its coming, spend time with my daughter


Say this with me: I choose now to not give into fear. I choose now to trust that overflow is in my life now. I choose to relax and respond as if its already happened. I choose to remain calm because I know there is nothing to worry about. I declare wealth and overflow into my life now. I celebrate life knowing what is happening for me. I trust the process. I trust my ideas. I act accordingly when inspiration is given to me. I show up boldly, in my life, with certainty.


"I choose now to takee what is mine. God/Universe please show me the way"

"I am willing to take inspired action"

"I am available for overflow."

"I choose now to be taken care of"

"I am so f*cking worthy and that alone is all I need to know in order to call in what I need right now"

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