Caviar Money Mindset 

Video 5




         > Currently, how do you judge wealthy/rich humans?

 **Notice how you view others who have money. Remember, if we view wealth as bad, greedy or selfish, how can we elevate to abundance? Our view of other people's wealth creates a negative relationship with money that in return keeps us in struggle/not enough/broke realities**

         > When other people gain financially, how does that feel?

Example: It used to feel like "when do I get a break" it used to feel like they were moving ahead and I was fucked. I couldn't really be happy for them because I wasn't satisfied with where I was.

> How would it feel to know money is continually circulating back to you each time you spend? How would you be knowing there is more than enough to go around?


"I receive back 10x what I spend"

"I am inspired by wealth hand the people that have it"

"The positive aspects of other people's lives that I notice are dormant realities within me too. I choose to activate them now"

"What I focus on expands. I choose to notice abundance in my life now"

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