Self-made: Business Basics Bundle

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With 10 years in building 6-figure businesses from scratch, one thing has been made obvious:

The experts were wrong.

There are a lot of people that build limits around what it takes to start, grow, and succeed in business...

While not all of them are ill-intentioned, and some of these strategies or methods have served people well,


the truth is: it's way easier than they make it.

I'm really over people convincing women that earning money and doing what you love is hard, sacrificial, or requires a large investment. 

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Business is just a container to express yourself and a system to share + sell what you want to create. Business is not bigger than you.

You get to decide what you put out there. You get to decide the details and how this goes for you. You get to choose how easy the process is. You get to decide. (This is true for every area of life.)

Now more than ever, we need women like you living on your terms, supported on every level, earning with ease, and living a life that serves you.

It gets to go your way.

I wake up at 10am on most days.

I don't have to ask anyone permission for a vacation.

I can work from anywhere in the world.

I have no income cap.

I'm not expendable, undervalued, or unappreciated.

I don't do boring shit like booking or webinars (god no)

I don't explain myself online. I say + do what I want and I get to elevate financially, mentally, and emotionally while growing my business.

I do not sacrifice parts of myself for success.

And I run the whole thing for under $100/month.

I've been doing shit my way for a long time now, and it's worked.

Every time.

You get to make it in life because that's you're birthright.

But you have to decide what vibes you experience on the drive over.

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This is a Business Basics Video Bundle with 7 hours of content and two  calls recorded live with you.

This is the largest video bundle I've offered to date.


👑 Letting business be easy

(valued at $333)

👑 Upward Spiral from the start

(valued at $333)

👑 Taking your dreams + goals

(valued at $333)

👑 Aligning to success & f*ckloads of sales

(valued at $222)

👑 The Frequency of Cash Money

(valued at $222)

👑 When sh*t goes down

(valued at $100)

👑 Becoming the expert +

getting paid to do what you want

(valued at $333)

👑 Removing the fear

(valued at $333)

👑 Receiving while holding the big vision

(valued at $333)

👑 Getting paid to be yourself

You can't f*ck it up

(valued at $333)


 adds up to 10 hours of content

 contains life-altering prompts + soul moving meditations

         includes 3 of Rhama's most popular trainings -

Slay Social Media, Boss Woman Workshop & Upward Spiral as well as new unseen content 

           contains countless practical business methods and tested strategies

          has spiritual techniques and manifestation mindset integrated throughout

Total Value of 10 New Videos:


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I've added 8 bonus videos to guide you in:


$Becoming a Social Media Badass

$Monetizing your platform

$Growing your audience

$Getting in front of the people

that need what you have to offer.

$Creating content easily

$Business gets easy

$How to earn consistently 

$Letting your soulmate clients come to you

These bonus videos contain 5 hours of non-stop gold around the vibes and practical methods Rhama has used online to create 6-figure businesses from scratch.

Total Value of Bonus Videos:


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Rhama Dashuri is a thought leader, self-made entrepreneur, digital program creator, author, and business mentor to thousands of women who follow her work online.


She is known for her “fuck the rules” mentality and her new age approach on energetic principles around money and business.


Rhama dropped out of college in her 2nd year after realizing it wasn’t for her. She went on to create multiple businesses (some of which earning 6-figures) from scratch until she found the thing she loves most - empowering women to earn and receive at a level they deserve.


This is her mission.


Combining her deep knowledge of energetic and spiritual principles along with practical tools she learned in business... Rhama is different. With an authentic and wild approach, she has earned a few titles among clients and interviewers:


“Rhama is the black stallion of coaching. Totally unleashed, untamed, and sexy af”


“The content and everything she shares is ayahuasca in a martini glass”


“She’s the Vibequeen. She gets the energy behind business and ties it together brilliantly”


She credits her success to pure determination, natural gifts and talents, experience, a deep desire to serve others, and a solid belief in her own dreams.

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I know you are going to freak out over the adjusted price offer below but...


One last thing...


 You have access and updates for life.

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Do this with intention. Do this for you. Do this on purpose.

Due to the nature of digital programs, there are no refunds. (We've also never had anyone ask for one)

Disclaimer: Although I deeply believe in the content within this video bundle, Rhama Dashuri Inc does not guarantee or warrant results or increased income.