Self-Made: Business Bundle

Guided PromptsPart 1

Let’s get clear on some things.

👑 1. Who the fuck are you?

(Example: I am Rhama Fucking Dashuri. I am the VIBEQUEEN, spiritual gangsta, genius mindset and business coach. I am a strong, hot, smart, passionate woman. I get to break the rules. I make waves. I get to make a massive difference in people's lives. Their lives are never the same because they find my work. They are permanently altered. I am committed to this mission and calling.)

(If you don't know the answer to this -- answer with who you want to be.)

👑 2. Where are you going?

(Example: I've only just begun.. My courses and training are famous for blending spirituality and business. I am speaking at events, podcasting, working with famous artists and influencers all around the world. I am known for helping others see what is possible for them by rearranging the energy in their lives. I am earning $30k/month. I am fully supported in my business. I have developed and grown the most amazing team. My relationship only expands into more love + greatness. We work together. We travel abroad often. Everything I want or need is taken care of because I am supported financially.)

👑 3. What do you desire to shift in your life right now? 

(Example: I am here to help others discover who the fuck they are. I help them gain power over their lives to do anything and they BELIEVE and KNOW that innately. I help women earn more money, help more people, while creating more time to do what they love. I help women find their inner genius and boss out at it. The women I work with positively affect others and create beautiful lives for themselves. I am a game changer. The moment people find my work is the moment they are never the same. Through my free and paid content I make a massive difference in the lives of others.)

👑 4. If anything could be true for you, what would you have be true?

(Example: i am earning $30k/month. I drive my dream car. I live with my man and our families blend so easily. The girls love it and everyone is a team. We are renting a large and beautiful home on the water. I blow up even more online. I hire a team that gets me and loves to work for me. I pay them really well. Business keeps getting easier and i work less and less each year yet earn more and more. My work is making a global impact. I get to take my family on frequent vacas.)

👑 5. What else do I decide to have, do, create, and be?

👑 6. What else? In a world where nothing is bad or wrong..what do I want to claim now?

👑 7. And that last thing... the thing I may be afraid to admit... the thing that seems too big or far-fetched... what is it? Name it now.

👑 8. What comes up inside me that tells me I can’t have/be/do/create any of the above?

👑 9. What inside me is afraid of getting what I want? Is there something bad that could happen or some negative connection to getting what I really really want?

👑 10. Are these beliefs, ideas, and stories ultimately true?

👑 11. What new beliefs, ideas, and stories do I choose to lock in now? What do I decide will occur instead?

👑 12. How does it feel to already have received my desired outcome?

👑 13. What evidence can I find that what I want is already beginning to occur in my life + business right now? (There is always evidence supporting your desires when you look for it just like there is always evidence supporting it’s not happening when we look for it)

👑 14. If you were not waiting, but had already received the thing, what would you be telling yourself? How would you feel? What would you believe about yourself + want you want?

👑 15. How would it feel to have more money than you know what to do with? What would you be doing, saying, and thinking? Would your mannerisms shift? In what ways would you notice your increased confidence?

👑 16. When people don’t understand me or question my actions, what fear does this bring up? Am I afraid that I am doing it wrong or what they are saying may be true? What am I afraid will happen if people don’t get me?


🥂 Review your answers and begin to form new core beliefs around who you are, where you are going and what you get to have. Continue to shift any lies or limiting beliefs that say it’s not happening or not possible.

You may have to do this many times a day but remember...

The amount of times you must shift from fear to love is not equivalent to how good you are at this manifestation thing, how fast it’s coming, or how powerful you are. When I am calling in newer bigger things I find myself shifting over and over. You get to do this work and still receive. You get to be at the beginning of claiming what you really want and also level up rapidly.

You get to be a whole hot mess and still be a motherfucking boss. Period.

All your answers in regards to “how would it feel if it was happening now/you already received the thing”...

🥂 Feel those feelings in your body for a few minutes a day- twice a day.

🥂 When you think you don’t know what to do or feel stuck, ask yourself this: if I DID know what to do..what would I do? (And do that aka trust yourself Bc you do have all the answers) If I WASN'T stuck...what would I do/create/say... (you know what to do)

🥂 Create a habit of asking for guidance around anything that feels confusing or anything you may be wondering. If you choose to ask for a sign that you are where you need to be, pick something specific (ex: my go-to sign is a single pink hibiscus flower) if you get your sign (and you will) but start ti question if it was legit or not... ask for it again. (You will continue to get your signs over and over until you realize that you are in fact loved and supported forever amen)

🥂 Be open to new (and crazy) ideas that may come through as you design your ideal scenarios around the things in your life + business you are ready to shift.

🥂 Practice not engaging with people in life or online that don’t get it. There is nothing you need to convince, over-explain, or argue..with anyone. (This is a shift in itself)

🥂 Post any wins, ah-ha moments, miracles, and success stories you experience now and throughout the workshop in the group. Celebrate and support one another as we experience these breakthroughs big or small (ps there’s no such thing as a small miracle )



🎯 I get to receive everything I desire. What I want is what I get to have.

🎯 There is nothing I need to change about myself to be deserving of what I want. There is absolutely nothing wrong with me. I am perfect.

🎯 I choose to let myself off the hook and be a human while holding the big vision.

🎯 I am fucking more than enough. What I have to offer is more than enough. What I am called to say/share/sell is more than enough.

🎯 I now choose to release all lies and limiting beliefs that do not support who I truly am + what I get to have.

🎯 I follow what feels good. All ideas that do not feel good show me there is a better and easier way. I choose to listen.

🎯 Failure is not real. All illusions of failure are removed now.

🎯 Money loves and supports me.

🎯 I experience continual miracles on the way to where I am going.

🎯 I always make the right decisions. I cannot fuck this up if I tried.

🎯 The world loves me. The world supports me + my work.

🎯 I am paid well for my work. People love to pay me.

🎯 I choose now to form an ally with money and become an energetic match for receiving.

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