Self-Made: Business Bundle

Guided PromptsPart 2

Money, Goals, and the energy of spending + investments


👑1. You deserve to be taken care of. What do you need? What feels draining, boring, or taking up a lot of your time? List these out from most energy sucking/boring to least.


👑2. What is the cost of service or thing you need most right now? (Research it look up. You need to know the exact cost. Not a ball park)


👑3. Get into a high energy space before making the investment. Go back to the feeling of trust, knowing you get to be taken care of, and that all money you invest in yourself (regardless of the nature) will always be given back to you + more.


What affirmations are you adopting for when you begin to feel anxiety, worry or stress with spending/investing?


👑4. What is the lowest possible amount you can imagine making in a month? This is your energetic minimum. What would you like to start earning each month instead? This is your energetic maximum. First set the goal. Believe it’s possible. Everyday energetically get behind the new number. Begin yo look for evidence in your physical reality that it’s happening.


👑5. Are there any limiting beliefs that come up around your new financial goal? Ask yourself...I’d this ultimately true? List out all the lies and shift from fear to love (yes again) what do you choose to replace the lie with?


👑6. What would it feel like to already have the desired amount? Imagine it showing up right now. What would you be thinking, saying, feeling? (Feeling is energy creation. Energy creates the vibe. We always get what we are a vibrational match for)


👑7. What actions would I take right but if I knew I could receive my desires?


👑8. If I allowed myself to do what I really want to do, what would that be?


👑9. Are there any stories or limiting beliefs around dropping something/someone or starting/trying something a new way?


👑10. If those stories were just stories and I could fucking trust myself fully, what would I do right now in my life + business?


👑11. List out all the reasons why you feel business is not working for you. Now that we know none of that is true, what processes (that you actually like doing) work for you? List them out and decide they are ENOUGH.


👑12. In what ways have I settled with life + business being hard, stressful or exhausting? What do I really believe about business being easy? What’s the hold up? What’s the set back?


- Do I believe it’s impossible to be successful without working hard? Do I believe it’s wrong or cheating when it comes to receiving without struggle? What’s there for you?


👑13. What was home life like? How did my parents view work + money? Write out all your childhood memories around work + money.


- Have you adopted any ways of being/thinking around work + money?


👑14. Knowing you get to break patterns and set new rules + knowing that your views on work * money were actually never yours at all...


What new thoughts do you choose to integrate around work + money?


👑15. What positive changes would happen in my life if work + money was easy? How would this impact my clients/customers? Family? Health?


👑16. Given this, why is it so important that I am supported financially?


👑17. If I could say anything I wanted online and everyone would love it, what would I say?


👑18. If I could sell whatever I wanted and everyone would buy it, what would I sell?




💰1. Practice shifting your thoughts on selling, charging, and believing in more money than you know what to do with.


You help others when you allow them to work with you.Selling is sacred.


Charging for your services is just how you get paid. They don’t have less and you don’t have more. It’s safe to charge and receive your desired payment. Get confident with this.


Money is just energy. You get to have as much as you allow yourself to believe in. Set short and long term goals. (When I work with clients we do monthly, yearly, five years, and 10 years) Dont be afraid to believe in (a lot) more. Nothing bad will happen to you for believing in bigger numbers.


💰2. Continue to exercise your muscle of awareness around money. What feelings come up when you spend, invest, save, etc..notice the feeling and shift (tell the truth) each time you feel a type of way.


💰3. Review your business and begin to ask “what doesn’t feel good?” What can be delegated? Is it even necessary? Ask for guidance.


(Because I am a proud procrastinator, there have been countless times I do not complete everything on my list. Whether it’s things to do during or before a launch, going on tour, or working 1x1 with a client... I usually end up never doing the things I actually didn’t want to do and still everything works out just fine.)


💰4. What would it feel like if people loved to pay you? What would that mean about you + what you have to offer? Feel those feelings in your body for a few minutes each day.


💰5. Go live or record a video and share about who you are and/or what you do online. Feel into what it’s like to be an expert at what you do. After the video/live is posted, write out what fears came up before the live AND after. Ask yourself, is this ultimately true? (yes...again) choose to feel feelings that align with knowing you’re work is enough, what you said what enough, how you said it was enough, and the whole thing being fucking perfect.


*** If you want to tag me I would love to show up to your live and support you***


💰6. Begin to play around with your next level offer/desired financial goal. What ideas have come up? Post them in the group.


💰7. In regards to social media....


Reframe any limiting beliefs that say social media is bad or hard or annoying.


💰8. Practice showing up online in a real and raw way. What do you want your soulmate clients to know? How can you help them? What fears might they have? What ways can you share/sell and address the fear right away? (I like to start my sales pages with questions like, “are you tired of struggling with money?” “Does it seems like no matter what you do it’s never enough?” Put yourself in their shoes + remember what it was like before you found the service or product. What problems were you having? How did it feel? This is how I sell the fuck out of all my shit)


💰9. What things are you afraid people will say about you or your work online? How can you own these things? (Kind of how I’ve done with my abusive relationship, drug dealing history, etc. i just loved myself and I fucking owned it. It was scary but I did it anyway.




⚡️ It’s safe to say the things. It’s safe to be seen.


⚡️ I choose to let me life + business get even easier. I can see it. I can feel it. It’s happening now.


⚡️ Selling is sacred. Selling is an avenue for me to do what I came here to do. Selling is an opportunity. Selling is of high service.


⚡️ I am in a perfect position for success. I am a direct channel for all my desires. I am taken care of. The universe has my back.


⚡️ God loves the fuck out of me. I can do no wrong. It’s safe to follow my heart. It’s safe to have fun in the process.


⚡️ I am worthy of the money I desire. Money loves me. It makes sense for me to be massively supported by money. I have big work to do. I deserve to be carried through as I show up.


⚡️ I always make between ______ and ______ each month. I get excited knowing I always make $X each month.


⚡️ I get to have everything I want. My dreams and desires are not fantasies and wishes. They are what I’m made to have.


⚡️ I can feel myself moving to my next level. I easily discover the evidence this is happening in my life + business right now.


⚡️I always make the best decisions. I know exactly what to do. Everything is coming together so perfectly.


⚡️I assume the position of the boss, the queen, the prize, the whole fucking vibe. I take what’s mine. I create my life how I want. I realize my power. I choose now to claim the fucking crown.



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