Self-Made: Business Bundle

Guided PromptsPart 3

You've got this.


💋 If perfection were what I am now and there was nothing I needed to change about me, my work/calling/passion, my approach, my appearance....


If I could take a massive step forward in my life without fixing one damn thing....


What would that be?

What would I say online?

What would my next move be?

What title would I claim?

What would I give myself permission to have?


💋 What things are obviously not serving me that I can release now?

💋 What do I want in my business? Regardless of how illogical or impractical it may seem...

💋Are there any fears or things going on underneath the surface that I would like to address now? Is there something I've been telling myself as to why I cant be/do/have/create it now?

💋What belief would I like to replace this story with?

💋Write out your dream ideal scenarios in every area of your life where you are desiring change. Feel into these things transforming rapidly and beginning to occur now. Begin the expectation process.

💋When making decisions.. notice what feels good, expansive, and like a deep breath of relief. If you can trust these expansive feelings linked to a potential future, what does this mean for you now? How does it feel to handle situations and make decisions?

💋What expereince do people have when thhey find you online? What about when they work with you?


Write this out and at the end write + say "The world loves me. The humans love me. I grant myself the permission to be loved by all. It's safe to be seen + heard. I can't fuck this up."


💋Write out all the reasons you are qualified to do what you want.

💋If you could picture yourself on the other side of the thing you want...already recieving the thing or becoming that woman or launched that program...what does SHE want to say to you?

💋Knowing that you are for certian going to hit your goals, what do you choose to sell? What do you choose to price it at? How do you choose to share it?



🍆 💦 Practice asking to be guided + observing any weird vibes, feeling or ideas that are not serving you. You get to see your situation differently.

🍆💦 Keep YOU in mind. It's safe to put yourself first. There is nothing bad, selfish, or wrong with putting your needs + wants first. If you begin to feel any form of guilt or shame, this is an indicator you have seperated yourself from love and now its your job to come back into your body and show up for yourself again.

🍆💦 If anxiety or panic surfaces around goals or finances, once again, come back into your body and begin to feel what it feels like to be taken care of, held, and moved through the situation. After embodying these new feelings, take any inspired action that comes through. Repeat thhis process as many times a day as you must. Feeling better/good is much more productive than feeling anxiousness, worry, and doubt.

🍆💦 What do you need right now to show up in your business? Do it. Do not wait another moment. You are mother fucking ready.

🍆💦Practice affirming within yourself what you need others to accept about you.

🍆💦Go live on fb or ig at least once a week for the next month. You don't need a plan or agenda. This is just practicing doing a thing lots of people feel fear around. Get it over with already if you haven't yet. You need to feel yourself not die lol

🍆💦 Instill your new core beliefs about yourself + the world by continuing to remind yourself the Truth. This part can get tricky when we are all alone in our head. Journal all the thigs out + Use the group if you are in a funk and want peer to peer support.



👐🏽 Everything is resolved in my favor

👐🏽 People love to work with me

👐🏽 Everyone who works with me gets exactly wehat they need

👐🏽 I know who I am. I commit to ME now. I will not abandon myself or my desires again. I'm here for it.

👐🏽 I transform anything meant for pain, drama or distraction and use it for good.

👐🏽 It's safe to chnage my mind and shift things around as much as I want. My life. My choices.

👐🏽 I can monetize anything and it all gets to serve me + the world.

👐🏽 I show up no matter what.

👐🏽 I feel the fear and do it anyway.

👐🏽 I choose to be taken care of.

👐🏽 I choose to drop the struggle and release all things that feel heavy, hard, or stressful.

👐🏽 I am a boss woman and I've got the skills, the heart, the drive, the magic...I can do this.

👐🏽 No matter what, I will not give up. I will not stop.





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