There are a lot of people on the internet that talk about what to do on social media to get the results, the sales, or the engagement that you desire, but let's be real... Some of these techniques are overwhelming or straight up mundane. I'm not down with that.


I do not believe to create success (or anything you want) you must depend on any certain strategy, method, or person to receive specific results. Especially if it doesn't feel good, exciting or purposeful.

Regardless of what the stats or experts say, you can slay this social media thing like a boss.

Social media is a mindset course in itself. The secret is to have thick skin and soft heart + a deep faith in your dreams.

 I'm a master at blending quantum physics (creating your reality) with business, money, and social media.


Everything I create or get my hands on is used for good to inspire the world.


Hi. If you don't know me yet, my name is Rhama Dashuri and I'm wildly known on the internet as the vibequeen. I'm an expert at helping others rearrange the energy in their life + business to slay unrealistic goals and get what they want.


Often the people I work with are permanently altered.


Recently one of my clients messaged me to share how the the concepts in this training still helps her show up online in a powerful way even two years later. She has also more than doubled her monthly income since reframing how social media works for her.

I love teaching social media mindset for this reason. Social media is painted to be a lot of things but it's also a platform to reach more people + earn more cash flow so you get to experience life the way it was meant to - in complete freedom.

The content in this training gives you the practical tools + strategies I've learned in over a decade of running my 6-figure businesses off social media. It is a container for next level confidence and a vibe-y mindset that will help you get seen + heard online.


The world needs to hear what you have to say, what you have to share.

 Your voice matters. Your creations matter.


Think of it this way >>

If the people don't find you or your product online - what do they miss out on? There are people that Rhama Dashuri can't reach. People that were made for you and your service.


 Those people are waiting for you to show up online. 

This training will give you an inside look at my internal state when creating, posting, + sharing online so you can utilize social media in a way that really works for you + your business.

I will show you how to monetize your platforms and get louder with your message.

Say it with me:



>> Create a larger audience

>> Reach more people

>> Feel better about showing up online

>> Create content easily

>> Get comfortable in front of the camera

>> Reinvent how social media works for you

>> Call in your ideal followers/audience

>> Gain massive amounts of confidence 

>> Maximize your potential from social media


Then what the f are you waiting for?


Previously, this content was available to my 1x1 private clients only


 I watched them become very comfortable in front of the camera, gain clients, increase their income + much get bigger online.


I decided to create a training that hit all the necessary must-knows while leaving tons of freedom for you to build your social pages out in way that feels exciting. This training has expanded so much over the past 2 years.


Upon enrollment you will receive All 5 Modules immediately (7 hours of content) with hw + exercises +resources and bonus trainings to help you get online with confidence, have a clear message, and easily collect ideal followers that support your message + vision

Module 6 + 7 will be recorded LIVE together (NEW!)


This is more than getting all the humans' attention. It's about trusting your gut, following your heart, and tapping into the authentic you

Originally, this training was priced at $580

But, I've discounted it at 75% off for the Black Friday SALE



After purchase you will receive an email with directions and a link to start the training!