I was the girl who hated social media

Yes, its true

I never posted on fb or ig

 I didn’t even know what twitter was..

I was the "internet and cable are satan" chick lol 

I thought it was a waste of time and a distraction from life

Until..I started a business..


In 2014 I started a clothing line and while I dreaded social media I felt like for people to see what I created I needed to be where the people lived

..on the inter webs 


So I jumped online and did the thing

 Years later, I had grown my following for that biz to 30k+ on insta and 70k+ on fb!


While some of those likes and follows came from paid ads way later on after s*** loads of trial and error, I still gained a large following doing practical and very free techniques in the beginning

 I didn’t start using ads until way later in the game. By then I had thousands and thousands of people already following the biz


I used the same technique when I started my coaching biz..and it worked except this time I put a lot of positive mindset and guided inspiration into what I was putting out online


This time it was much quicker and I haven’t paid to promote my coaching biz online once


I gained a massive influence and tons of clients using social media as a healthy platform to reach all the humans



In this training I give professional and practical advice on gaining followers + exposure but I also give you the tools to create the vibes necessary to call all the insta/fb users in by simply being you


Your social media platform gets to be used for good

It gets to make you money (if that is what you desire) and it gets to be easy af


If you know me, I live by this motto

I refuse to let things be difficult and I refuse to live by the rules


This means algorithms and stats and everything the experts have to say..


-Create a larger audience

-Reach more people

-Feel better about showing up online

-Create content easily

-Get comfortable in front of the camera

-Reinvent how social media works for you

-Call in your ideal followers/audience

-Gain confidence 

-Maximize your potential from social media


Then what the f are you waiting for?


Previously, this content was available to my 1x1 private clients only


 I watched them become very comfortable in front of the camera, gain clients, and get bigger online


I decided to create a training that hit all the necessary must-knows in a 45 min video with hw + exercises to help you get in front of the people with confidence, have a clear message, and easily collect ideal followers that support your message + vision


This is more than getting the all the humans' attention. It's about trusting your gut, following your heart, and tapping into the authentic you


Some really easy, practical methods that I used to rev up my page

This training is valued at $280

But, because I'm busting out content like a G and I so badly want you to see what happens when you invest in yourself + biz AND I want you to have the Dashuri experience at a super super low price..


I am offering tis training for




After purchase you will receive an email with directions and a link to start the training

Are you ready?


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