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I'm going to be  real with you ...

This is not for the  faint of heart.

This is  not your average program.

It took quite some time to even put this into words because the concepts and processes inside this immersion are completely new and unheard of.

During the birth of The Dashuri Codes, I knew it was different. It scared me. It was bigger than me. I felt small in the middle of such big ideas.

So, I postponed. I avoided. I distracted myself.

But it just wouldn't go away.

Here's the thing:

When Greatness is inside you (and its inside us all), it will stop at nothing to exist. It will relentlessly claw it's way to the surface until you let it live. It will use any emotions or experiences it must to grab your attention until you notice. Until you surrender to it.

The realization:


"You asked for this Rhama. This isn't about you. You chose to be the channel. You chose to take the stage and say things in ways no one has heard before. You chose to serve others and make an impact that leaves them permanently altered. You said, 'yes, me. I'll go' "

I’ve always been curious about the places I shouldn’t go. Since I was little, it only took some set rules with consequences to push me there.


And I was pushed often.


I’ve always found deep pleasure in doing what I wanted and that did not sit well with others. Many people went to great lengths to stop me, change me, or break me into submission.


And that did something to me.

I grew just the right amount of rebellion to open the one door everyone tells you not to.


I dug my sexy claws into the soil and nothing could move me.


I sank my teeth even deeper into my unwavering beliefs.


I became the iridescent monster the world needed but didn’t know how to ask for.


...and it was all worth it.

I chose this life.


Now I’m all grown up.

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They said the trauma would kill me and it did, but they didn’t know my regenerative nature.


They said the depression would eat me alive and it did, but they didn’t know I’m the one who opened its mouth and climbed in.


They said my curiosity would send me to hell and it did, but they couldn’t see the beauty in it like I could.


They said I was lost and I was, but they didn’t know I liked it that way.


They said I was crazy and I am, but they don’t know what it takes to become Greatness.

First off,

I would like to thank all the people that put me through it because it made me a  risk taker.

I would like to thank the academy for leaving me with too many unanswered questions.

Mostly, I would like to thank younger Rhama because she survived all the bullshit. She died over and over for this. She made me.

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Some may assume it's shadow work.


That's not what this is.


I'm not going to show you how to work with your darkness.


I'm going to show you how to become it.

I know this to be true:

When you know the Darkness the way you know the Light, nothing can stop you.


What your darkness has for you is endless. You’ll never touch the bottom. If you stay for it, you’ll find a lifetime of treasure down there.

I want to show you where.

This is a right of passage to your underworld and an invitation to meet your deepest fears. They want to give you something. Your greatest gifts live in your darkness and so does your ability to channel raw wisdom.

I will show you how.

The concepts and principles in this immersion will push you off the deep endand I'm coming with you.

Magic is an understatement...

This is how I cured my long-term depression in my head.

This is how I permanently healed all the bullshit .

This is how I gained unbreakable confidence.

This is how I flow on stages and livestreams with no prep and no notes.

This is where I accessed my gifts and where I go to find new ones.

This gave me eyes to see the good every situation; heaven on earth.

...and you're next.

Previously, this new system to the human experience was only available to my private clients as I slowly became confident with holding it's power and energy. As we formed close relationships and unraveled together, I watched this work change them on a molecular level.

I knew this was coming to you.. I just didn't know it was going to be now.

It's hard to ignore something when its ready to come out.

Within this sacred container, your darkness gets to be fully seen and heard by your heart and mind. Your darkness is powerful and She demands truth.


She is not what changes form but your heart and mind does.


Everything you've been told about darkness and it's role in your life is probably a lie. Nothing is what they said it was.


Consider this:


 If nothing were bad or wrong and you could trust fear and the emotions or internal experiences we avoid...

That would mean we just don't fully understand them yet...


...and darkness is the Mother of all things misunderstood.

That's where I come in.

This is why I'm here.

But this is not for everyone..

I kept a woman in mind while structuring the energy of the Dashuri Codes...

She's a  bad bitch.

She likes to do things her way.

She knows she is here for something big.

She takes no shit.

She craves wisdom.

She knows who she is.

She's ready for more.

She can handle it.

Is this you?

Are you drawn to the darkness?

Do you have that look in your eyes?

Do you feel a rush in your center?

Do you know what's inside you?

Do you want to let it out?


Then go off the deep end

Has anyone been offended by your strong will?

Have you been shamed or guilted for your curiosity? 


Did they say you had issues? Problems?

Did they make you question yourself?

Good.We call that fuel.

Are you ready to prove them wrong?

Ready to take whats yours?

Because its closer than you think.

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This is what to expect week by week.

> Submergence. Here we will own our deepest fears, our pain, our past, our mess, and all the things that feel off. This is an opportunity to get honest about what we don't like about ourselves and the qualities that appear to be holding us back or slowing us down. We will identify these so what they have to offer can be revealed.

> Learn the language. I will teach you new concepts and ways to process human emotions and experiences. There are different processes for each. We will we take all the things from week one and discover their true meaning + purpose. I'm excited to blow your mind.  This layer of the immersion is broken up into two weeks.

> Date with death. This part is fucking poetic. Here we will get up-close and in-person with your darkness. This is how I cured my long term depression in my head. Let's chat.

> Stay for it. The prompts and guided inner work with each week are starting to move things around. You’ve absorbed a lot at this point. Time to coast.


> Nothing, but shining. By now, you are showing up for yourself at a completely new level. Let's nurture the vibe, balance it out, and get what you came for.

> The upload. Things have become a lot clearer. Here we will use everything we’ve learned + discovered to our advantage. I will show you how. In this place you can quite literally have/be/do anything you want.

> Becoming darkness. Time to play. We will practice channeling wisdom, exercising intuition, and creating your upward spiral. Since going through this process, you’ve changed.. Let’s discuss what is available to you now and get comfortable with your position.

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This is an intimate 8 week program.

* There are 7 live calls and one implementation week. Each week has new unreleased guided prompts to aid you in this immersion. Q&A is open throughout every call and highly encouraged.

* If you can't make the scheduled live call, you can rewatch later and still participate with q&a. You have the content for life and unlimited replays.

* There are no refunds. (I've also never had a request for one on any of my courses, trainings, or private coaching)

 *** Enrollment closes June 23th. ***

** First Call starts June 22th.**

> Bonus: Monetize the Bullshit. A 4-part video training on healing, transforming pain, and monetizing it. (valued at $700)

> Bonus: Upward Spiral. An unpublished 3-part video training on how to Upward Spiral. (valued at $777)

> Bonus: Exclusive pre-work curated from my journal from the best year of my life...2020. (valued at $400)

> Bonus: Private group for support (valued at $200)

> Bonus: Free VIP admission to all future live calls added to this course in the future (valued at $777)

> Bonus: Permission to use the study and teach this program. This does not lift the copy write. But you may teach the process with your own videos and prompts. The system inside is different and unheard of. This work is revolutionary and is meant to be spread, taught, and added to through your unique experience. Do the thing. (valued at $2200)

The bonuses alone are valued at $5000.

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 Are you offering a payment plan?

>>> Yes. At the bottom of this page you can access the payment plan. The payment plan is bi-weekly. Pay-in-full has a slight discount.

 Will this cure my anxiety, depression, or ptsd?

>>> No. This process and the energy within it may give you a new way of looking at what you are feeling but only you have the power to apply it and create a new internal experience. While the concepts and principles in this immersion have helped me heal my own side effects linked to trauma, my testimonial nor those of my previous clients are typical for all students. I am not a licensed therapist or doctor and I do not support changing or stopping medication without consulting your physician first.

 Do I need to prepare for triggers? I cant be an emotional wreck for two months.

>>> Yes and no. The experience is deep but the system in place is meant to support and hold you at this level. I've found it to be less wreckage and more liberating. Crying is normal and healthy but we have no intention of leaving you on the floor. Each call and weekly prompts will direct you to solid ground. This is a safe container for you to feel things and be a human. 

 Is this just for healing?

>>> No. Healing is inevitable and happens rapidly, but this is much more than that. This will help you gain confidence and unleash your greatness. It is a foundation for getting way way bigger, accessing your most powerful gifts, and becoming unstoppable with your desires and life mission.

 I'm a coach, therapist, teacher, or mentor and would like to learn more about this new process? Will this expand my knowledge or help my students?

>>> Yes. You have my permission to use the concepts and principles in this program if you would like to. You do not have my permission to copy and paste the work or prompts. I recommend putting yourself through this new system first before doing a study. 

 Do you guarantee results?

>>> I believe in this work with every cell in my body. If you do the work, commit yourself 100%, and follow the processes step-by-step, you will experience wild results. Because I can’t guarantee that you’ll do the work, I can’t guarantee that you’ll get results. This program is your responsibility to go all in and take initiative in your human experience. You've got this.

 Do you offer refunds?

>>> Due to the nature of this program and the immediate access to some of the bonuses, I do not offer refunds.

 How long do I have access to the program for?

>>> You have lifetime access to all modules + bonuses + upgrades.

 I really want to opt in to this once-a-year offer but I don't have time to participate right now. What can you do for me?

>>> You can opt in now and take the course later in the year. All modules and group support are available to you for life. Jump in the group and access them whenever you have more time. My team and I are notified when a post is made in the private group. We are here to support your needs year-round. This course will not open again until 2022. If you are led to this offer, opt in now. Prices tend to go up year after year as I add more content to the course.

 More Questions?

>>> Email for help

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