This is a bonus video for integration week as you build you sales page and structure your first launch! Below are steps to take.


Sales Page Structure:

- Pick you platform

- Gather images (refer to the resources document in the private group for a list of places to find free images if you are not using ones of yourself)

- Arrange images in sales page

- Make PayPal payment options

- connect PayPal links to the images on page (this makes you image a "button")

If you have decided what email provider you are going to use..continue to the next steps..

- Link PayPal to your email service provider so when someone orders, they go into your email system.

- Make a "Welcome to the Course" autoresponder message to automatically go out when someone signs up. This can also include the private group, bonuses, or other links your clients need to get started.

Make a PayPal button:

- Log in to PayPal.

- Click "pay and get paid" at the top of the menu bar

- Click "PayPal buttons" under accept payment

- Select which button you would like to use. I only use "Buy now" or "Subscribe". Buy now is used for pay-in-full on my site (I do not have payment plans for everything...mainly the trainings have one payment option) and subscribe is used for a payment plan. I break down the cost of the course and usually add a bit extra for this option. I then break it down into how many weeks the client will get billed and divide the total cost of the payment plan into those weeks.


Example: Let's say it's a 6 week course and the cost is $1000. I prefer to be fully paid by the end of all my courses and offers. I choose bi-weekly payments so this means they would pay me three times. (6 weeks charged bi-weekly = 3 payments) Lets say I add $200 for the payment plan. This makes the payment plan $1200 total. Each payment would then be $400 billed bi-weekly. You can do anything you like here. This is just an example.

Also note - I do have an ongoing subscription for my close friends list ($22/month) Because this is ongoing, I select the "never" option under the subscription button. When they want to cancel they can do that in their PayPal. When I get the email they have canceled I just take them off the list.

- Copy the "EMAIL" url from PayPal after you've named the button and filled in the details.

NOTE: You need to have a PayPal business account to use the subscription button.

Money and Launch Goals:

- How many people do you want in the course?

- How much money do you want to make from this offer?

- Do some numbers. $$ divided by # of people = price

 (Sometimes I set a price first and then decide how many people I want in the course based on how much I want to make total)

- Pick a goal and price that you can 100% energetically get behind

- Set prices for early bird, payment plan, and pay-in-full.