Journal Prompts:

> Thoughts + words + feelings = what is true for you/what is available for you in your external reality. Stay aware of what you are telling yourself + how you judge yourself (even if its just "unsupportive" of your business, skills, dreams..etc) + other people in your day to day. Just start exercising your muscle of awareness. Remember, there is no way to fuck this up. You can't do this coaching, the prompts, or the exercises "wrong". It's impossible. There is no such thing. (if you apply this to life as a whole.. it feels great lol)


> At the end of your day write out any lies (limiting beliefs) that crossed your mind about who you are or what you get to have.


I like to write two columns. Lies + Truths. The lies are the things we tell ourselves from a place of feeling not enough, unworthy, or undeserving. The truths are the exact total ultimate opposite. Even if you don't believe what you're saying - that's okay (and normal) Feeling like a badass beautiful woman (among the many other awesome things you are at your core) will come eventually. Trust the process. Let yourself be where you are.


> Write "I am enough" on your bathroom mirror or somewhere you can see it daily. When you read it try saying it outloud as well.


> Every night I want you to say a mini mantra. " I am satisfied with my day" "Everything I did today was more than enough to receive"


> Consider/Ponder that everything you've been through, your life situation, + everything you've become and experienced up until now is the exact formula you needed to:

1. Fulfill your purpose

2. Do what you came here to do

3. Be the woman you were always meant to be


> Find reasons to celebrate. How far have you come? Celebrate yourself. Write out what you've healed, how you've grown or even monetary accomplishments..anything + everything that comes to mind (in the past 2 years)


Next time you feel stagnant, come back to what you've written down. remind yourself of the truth..which is that you've come so so far and you have so much to be proud of. (this is a potent self-love vibe)


> JUST START. Your purpose will shift and expand throughout your entire life. You have multiple purposes here on earth. Take any pressure or resistance off your shoulders and allot yourself to start somewhere without any weird perfectionist or it's-not-good-enough vibes. 




Before we go into prompts around ideal clients, offers, and how you want to take off... I would like to address fear.


1. List out all your fears around business (or anything else on your mind).


2. Underneath each one answer: “If this fear was automatically removed and did not exist within me, how would I feel now? What would I do?”


3. Flow on whatever comes to mind. Feel how it would feel for the fear to be removed. Feel the freedom, expansion, and clarity. Feel how it would feel to act from the space of fearlessness.


4. Know that just by feeling into these things you are beginning to clear a path for yourself of less fear and resistance.


Remember: It is safe to do it afraid. You also have the power to clear fear.


Let me know how this goes.


Concerning my business...


1. Do you have a name in mind for your business?


2. What would your title be? (remember this gets to change as you change and grow onto your business) No overthinking. Have fun with it.


3. What is its purpose/message?



Who do you attract into your world?


There are a lot of interesting humans on the planet.


And you could likely help nearly all of them with one thing or another...


... but you aren't called to help all of them.


In an ideal world where EVERYONE was ready to pay you any amount of money you desired...


 Who would you help?


Example: I help women who need to know they are here on purpose. I help the woman who just needs to see one god damn example of someone doing it big and bold and THEIR way. They need one example of what is fucking possible, and I show up.


Inside they’ve always known they were made for greatness. They’ve always known they were capable of more. But they need to be reminded. I wake them up to the parts of themselves that are still playing small, shrinking, or hiding. I help them get louder and very very certain of who they are. 

I do this in many ways, for people at various levels.


What would you help them with?


Example: I light them up. My energy seeps into their lives just from being in and around my energy.  I show them what's possible for them.


What results would they get?


Example: More money. More self expression. More heart. More certainty. Divinely aligned lives. Living out their passions and earning well for it.


How would they feel as a result?


Example: Like they are first name fucking last name. Like anything is possible for them. Massive Gratitude. Brave. Bold. Ready. Like a badass.


How would you feel as a result?


Example: Like I was doing what I was made to do on the planet. Like I'm just getting started. Like it gets to become easier and easier. Fulfilled. Purposeful. Excited. In awe. Happy.


How much would you charge?


Example: In an unlimited world where I could charge any amount, my Mastermind would be $2k a month; My private coaching would be $4k a month; I would still have courses that were between $1100-$2200; I would have trainings and bundles that were a few hundred a month; I would have a few  smaller trainings for $10-50



When feeling stuck, I like to ask myself this:


What if you weren’t stuck? How would that feel? How would I be? What would Ib do now?


 Each day, list your desires around your business.


 Ask for guidance. Be willing to see things differently. Know solutions are emerging.


 -There is always something to create within you. 

 -There is always the answer to what your next step is, what to create, sell or share next..its all inside you. 

 - There is alway something the world needs from you.


 Big question:


> What do you desire to create?


> Why is it needed and powerful?




1. Are you ready? This week spend some time alone. Do things that you enjoy. (I sat for hours when I realized I had no idea what I liked..normal) This does not include: tv, cleaning, social media, errands of any kind..




If nothing comes to mind try something you've never done.

> Dance on your kitchen table naked with your fav song.

> Take a drive with the windows down.

> Body Paint. (I did this one in front of a mirror naked and wow. Loved it!)

> Take a dance class/pole class/anything different/out of your wheelhouse.


Whatever you decide to, wine, weed, juice, or whatever you fancy is ok. Get into the vibe. HAVE FUN.


2. At least one a day this around your block YELLING the affirmations you wrote down about who you want to be. examples: "I am a genuis." "I am gorgeous" "I am sexy" " I am loved" etc


No weak shit. We WANT the neighbors to hear you..or at least try as if that were the goal.


Dont hate me.



"I am satisfied with my day + my life"

"What I want is on it's way to me"

"God/Universe fucking LOVES me"

"I am supported and loved innately"

"I am right where I need to be"

"I don’t know how everything is going to come together perfectly, but I trust  that I am being guided"

"I am a badass"

"I've got this"

"I trust myself"

"My heart is always leading my in the best right direction for me"

"I can lean back now"

"I am relaxed, focused, heart wide open"

"I am ready to receive, heal, and rise up"

"I am hot, sexy, loveable"

"It's safe to celebrate now because it's only up from here"

" I will look for evidence that what I want is on it's way to me"

"The better it gets the better it gets the better it gets.