Journal Prompts:



You may already have an idea of what you want to share/sell with the world.

These prompts will help you broaden your horizons on sellable + valuable content or get the cauldron spinning..

Usually, when something comes very naturally to us, we assume it comes naturally to others. This is not totally true. Don't dumb down yours skills and knowledge (practical, emotional, or spiritual)

Answer these prompts with even the simplest process/method/approach and see what comes up. (hint: try writing a separate list of all the things you love about yourself too. See if any of those things can be taught through your personal experience)

> What comes very naturally you?

> Natural gifts with hands? Words? Action?

> How are you creative?

> Spiritual processes?

> Rituals?

> Practical processes? At home/kids/online/social media?

> Other life processes? relationships/friendships?

> What life experiences have you been through that made you stronger?

 Poverty? Breakup? Addiction? Health? Self-image? Etc





1. What do I decide to have, do, create and be?


2. What surfaces inside me that tells me I can’t have/be/do what I desire?


3. What do you reallllly long to do? If you could teach anything + get paid well for it, what would you teach? (it's ok to give general answers)

4. What inside me is afraid of receiving what I want? Is there something I'm afraid will happen when I get what I want? (not showing up as promised, family or friends judging you, irresponsible with the money, etc etc)

5. Are these beliefs, stories and ideas ultimately true?

6. What do I choose to lock in now? What do I decide gets to occur now?


7. How does it feel to have already have received this desired outcome?

8. If you weren’t waiting, but had already received your desired outcome, what would that feel like in your body now? What would you realize? What would you believe at the time of getting what you want? What would you be thinking, saying, and doing?

9. How would it feel to know you can't mess this up? How would it fell to know you are so supported and there was no wrong decision?

10. Feel all of that in your body now.


(this is what I like to call time traveling. you collapse time when you feel what it is like on the other side and act that out in your body now. some people call it shifting, quantum leaping, and of course, manifesting)



> How does your soulmate client FEEL when they find you online?


(Example: "Who does this bitch think she is? Seriously? Fuck, what if she's right?? ugh. she's doing what I want to do. I want a life like that. I want love and overflow and peace and healing like THAT. Damn.. what she is saying makes sense. I can't believe I am about to opt into her offer. ok...omg.. I have to do it. Omg. I did it. I'M IN!"


They feel inspired. Pulled towards. Can't stop thinking about it. Curious. Excited.


They begin to realize that they CAN do it, that they are not crazy, and that they were right all along about who they are meant to be.


> What is the process then like for them paying you?


(Example: They know that they want to work with me and they can't get it out of their head until they do...they take action quickly.


I am always creating a fun and inspirational experience online that helps them to do this. My posts, ig stories, emails, + livestreams support them in their decision.


It is fully unnecessary to have any weird vibes, drama or struggle around selling/sales. I don't have to hurdle things that feel hard and stressful. I simply choose to do what is easiest for me. always.


I create offers my heart feels led to teach. I share how it will help those who need it and deliver content that (I decide + believe) will permanently alter them. That is all that is required.



Okay, now that you have begun to play with, decree, and declare the reality that your work is valuable, that your soulmate clients need you, that selling is divine and that you get to be paid easily...


... answer this:


> If self consciousness did not exist, what would you now do in your life + business?


(Example: I would get even bolder. I would,say what I mean all the time. I would freely talk about what I believe is true fo me + my clients/followers + humanity. I would get even louder.


I would be even more myself. I would hold nothing back and trust it fully. I would say even more crazy things online. All the things that are secretly a little held back from my online presence, would HAVE TO come out. I would own my opinions, feelings, thoughts, and spiritual/energetic understandings even more.


> If fear did not exist, what would you do in your life+ business?


Example: If fear did not exist, I would allow myself to let it be even easier. Teach on the things that I would LOVE to teach even though it seems "left field" from what I've been doing lately. I would explode in terms of earning and make even more of an impact immediately.


As the fear of loss is now gone, I realize it doesn't matter how I do it or even what I teach..I truly can't mess it up. It was always mine and I just needed to get out of my own way and let it all out. The rug was never going to get ripped from underneath me. I was never going to make a life altering decision that messed it up for me and others forever. It was all a lie. Loss was a lie. I now get wildly confident knowing this..I get so comfy in my new skin I sort of catwalk around like I own the place. Im comfortable with being seen, making more of an impact, more love and supported my everyone, and crazy fucking rich.


> If your doubt, shame, and disbelief were immediately removed, what would you do in your life + business?


(Example: I would choose now to be Rhama mother fucking Dashuri. The woman that is imapcting millions of lives all around the world. I would own that version of me now. I would access all her power and do the fucking things)


As doubt is now gone, I choose to know that more money than I know what to do with - is safe and it's mine. I would launch more, price higher, speak on larger stages..and it would all come to me, seek me out, and it would all obviously to so so easy.


As shame is now gone, I release myself from the past. I refuse to judge myself in any way or participate in any unhealthy or unsupportive thoughts. I make wise decisions. I no longer feel bad for wanting more or wanting a great life. As I release all forms of shame I am instantly brought to a heightened state of love - unconditional love. As I release this shame it heals all areas that felt uncertain, bad, or wrong, and as I elevate in this way so does the world. This releasing makes a global impact that I cannot even possibly fathom yet. I trust everything. even my fears as I know now that everything has a perfect positive impact on me. 


As disbelief is now gone, I choose to upward spiral. I know and claim on a cellular and godly level my power + worth. I choose to fully step into my greatness and to earn + impact  even more easily.)


> What does all of this mean for you now?


(Example: I choose to know that it is my mother fucking birthright to fulfill my desires on larger scales. I earn and impact in ways that are beyond anything I could even dream.


I now know that it is fully inevitable for my positive impact to expand rapidly each day. I know it is safe to become even more known. It is safe to be paid to be myself EVEN MORE. It is safe to earn easily and receive all good things easily.)


> What else does it mean?


(Example: If loss is never required, then it is safe to have a FULL and beautiful life. It is safe to expand in the amount of love I receive, friends I attract, and incredibleness of people I attract into my world.


I get to have the most full, beautiful, incredible life professionally, personally, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and in all of the ways.


There is nothing to lose. There is nothing to do. I choose to receive with ease now.)


> Is there anything else I choose to know now?


(example: That I get to fully relax into knowing that life is always working out perfectly for me. For my highest good and completely in my favor. I choose to know and remember that God is on my side, the Universe has my back and I am COMPLETELY taken care of.


I choose to relax into knowing how good things get to be.


I choose to relax into knowing how perfect things actually are.


I choose to relax into the truth that life is really fucking good.)




*Your answers may be completely different, but play with it and just see what comes out*


Concerning some practical things...


1. Where do you desire to share? (fb, ig, twitter, tiktok..I like to pick my top three favs and stick with those)


2. Where do you desire to teach/launch? (private fb groups, website, email, in-person, etc)


3. What format and system would use for your first offer? (recording live, pre-recorded, written, subscription/membership, webinar, etc)

4. How long would it be?


5. How would you package it?  (training, course, etc)

6. There are many options but out of them all, what feels fun/easiest for you right now?

(Remember, you don't have to lock in all the details but start to play around with the general vibe/theme/look)




OK! This week you are going to go online and announce who the fuck you are. Who are you and what do you want to share with the humans? Show up online even more YOU. What would you say if you knew everyone was going to love it? What would you share knowing fear is not real?

Practice going live, owning who you are and trusting what wants to come out of you. It doesn't have to be related to your offer.

You can do this.

I love you.


"It is safe to follow my heart, passion, longing and desire.

My work changes lives.

What you need is always on it’s way to you.

The how is not mine to worry about.

Nothing is a mistake.

The next steps will always come. I choose to let it be easy. I am willing to be guided.

Every idea that doesn’t feel good is a lie.

I can always choose the path of least resistance.

 I speak to the hearts of those I am called to serve."