Journal Prompts:


Because it’s all perfect....

> If no one would have any negative feelings toward me ever, what would I do now concerning sharing my work? How would it feel?

Example: I would get even louder, even more unapologetic, I would post more/create more/share more

The loudness of who the f I am would be heard across the universe

It would feel really really good, scary, and exhilarating to let people feel my passion and see my light fully.

> If nothing I felt were ever wrong, what would I allow myself to admit that I want now?

Example: I want to work even less. I want it to be even easier. I want more support. I want to trust people to help me even more. I want to delegate even more. I want to feel so held and taken care of as I create, share, and earn

> If I could not mess it up no matter what, what would I do in my business now? Or if you are just starting, how would you go about it given the above?

Example: I would probably record daily videos and post to YouTube. Share more of the things I’ve overcome. Share even more boldly about the energetic approach to business. I would release any questioning or doubt with my vibe, work, and truth.

> If my desires were fully perfect and I could trust them, what would I allow to shift in my life now?

Example: I would allow more human connection, close friends and deep trust, deep love, and f tons of money.

NOW: Close your eyes, put your hand on your heart and say this:

"I desire great things. I am ready for my next level. I am willing to be guided."

Trust and know that it is done, now.





1. What would it feel like to be supported in your business?


2. How would I operate if the world loved and supported my work, what I had to share, and how I choose to show up?


3. If I could expect to receive love, hype, interest, and a fan base around my work because it's that mf good, how would that feel? What would I give myself permission to teach/offer?

4. What area of my life + business could I receive even more support? + What area(s) am I resisting support?

5. What would the ideal support system look like? Feel like?

6. Is there any area I can delegate? If it's safe to trust there humans and safe to invest in my business even more, is there a part of my life/business that I am ready to hire help? (this could be a meal prep person, a weekly cleaning service, a videographer, web designer, etc. This is another reason you need to be financially supported. Often times, when we release the money and control to people and services that make our life easier..more money and more support come through. It's a vibe. Will talk about this more on the live this week)


7. What area's of your life + business can you let be easier? What is required to make it easier? What steps can be skipped? What rules can you break?

8. When doing something you don’t really love that you are still doing, what would it take to love this thing? What would it take to feel good about this thing?

9. How would it feel to all of that to be taken care of and for life to get wildly easier?

10. Feel all of that in your body now.



Okay, let's create an offer.

(I'm going to go really deep into this, but here is an overview of my process.)

> If you could create ANYTHING in the world, what would it be? (Remember, you can't fuck it up. This is about what you WANT to give.)

I would create a digital course for coaches. After that, I think I would like to create a money training and then launch another course on how to build a website and sell your course online step by step blonde girl friendly tech stuff Rhama Dashuri style

> Why do you want to do this?

To show people how to believe in their work and share it with others online so they can earn more money + help more people + create more time to do what they love.

A lot of people I work with have a difficult time with launching a website and understanding how to build on it. I get it. It was so frustrating and it held me back for a while too. Now that Ive figured it out I want to help others do that. The money training is obvious. Everyone needs a higher understanding of the energy of money but in im going to teach it in detail and apply this principle to many real life situations

> How long would it be? What would it consist of? What would the price be? (Remember -- what you desire is the right answer here.)

(Typically for this part, I start journaling out the process I want to take people through and dividing the process up into sections/modules in my journal. Then I can gauge how long I want the course to be. I did that for the xtr badass coach and come up with the below.)

Play with this part. It’s less abojt the details more about the general.

- A module on who we want to be + what we desire to teach. Creating our soulmate clients.

- A module on remaining authentic online. The dance between client + coach. Standing out + trusting yourself

- A module on letting your brand be an extension of you. Graphics + content creation. Share mini launch process.

- A module on planning a full launch + letting it be easy af. + ads/teams/websites

- A module on getting paid. The energy of selling and how to become a vibrational match to your prices. - Free content templates and how to know what’s free and what’s for sale.

- A module on goal setting for the future and planning upcoming launches/trainings/free content

- Plenty of time for Q+A.

- A private FB group.

- Tons of bonuses

I feel this is a 7 week course. 6 modules. 1 week of implementation. I want there to be journal prompts and action steps dropped throughout the course. 4-6 of them per week with tons of ore-work prompts to get everyone in the momentum of “I’m fucking doing this”

> Anything else you want to add?

I think it would be massively valuable to give them a breakdown of what I do in emails and on sales pages during a launch. I can share the emails with them from my $10k launch and also take them through my sales page process.

I can also share what I do and what my team does during a launch.

> What results would people get?

They would experience MASSIVE freedom around understanding that is a fun, flow-y expression of their hearts to share/sell online. Business is not scarey. They would confidently talk about their work. They would make more money. They would help more people. Their families would be supported. They would build up confidence in themselves and their work. They would change the world.

> What do you have to say to your ideal client around why this work is important? What do they need to hear from you?

I know it is scary to invest in yourself. I also know from years of experience that being in the energy of those who know more than you in one area or another and play at a higher level in business than you currently do... CHANGES you. And is always worth it.

It's not so much about every detail of every module...

... it's about learning how to THINK like someone who is doing this online. It's an inside look at my internal state + mindset + brain, strategy and external process...

... and it will change your absolute life and business.

(Go write something on the internet right now about the topic you are passionate about and why you love to help people concerning this topic, issue, problem. Go do it now! You are essentially preparing people for your future offers.)


Concerning money and pricing...


1. What numbers are you playing with for your offer?


2. When thinking of premium prices (4-figures), does anything come up around that?


3. Are these ultimately true?

4. If you were deemed the expert, what would you allow yourself to charge?


5. We will play into this more the coming week.




OK! This week you are going into a high-end store and trying something on. (Chanel, LV, Gucci, Four Seasons) The point of this is to feel the feelings that come up. The only rule to this is you can't do this with friends. You must be present and revel in this moment. If you feel weird, stay for longer. Journal out your experience. What feelings came up? Why? Where did this come from?

(this is also an exercise in the caviar money mindset but if you haven't done so already - do it this week!


"I choose know to let my life + business be wildly easier.

The world loves and supports me

It's safe to be seen

It's safe to be watched

I make great impact with minimal effort

Money loves and supports me

My work is of massive value

I trust my process

I fucking love myself"