Journal Prompts:


> What do you need today?


Your business is only as healthy as you. Learning to tune into your inner guidance daily is key.

Inside of you are alway the answers +solutions  for what to launch, how to price, and how to best take care of yourself so that you can show up in the world more boldly.

One of the best strategies I could ever teach you is to go into your journal each day and list out the things you want help with. Write them as though answers are obviously coming.

> Write your requests as though help is on the way.

> Write the requests and know... you get to have it all, that the Universe loves to support you and that you are divinely guided into the most abundant, successful, joy filled life always.

If that sounds confusing -- just write out everything you desire help with (list out all your questions and concerns) and below it state “Thank you for your guidance.”

And that’s enough.





In video one I briefly touched on what it felt like to call in a 10k launch. Soon we will go over pricing your offer but I wanted you to start playing around with what you want your business, life + making money to feel like.

You get to feel confident and certain around your desires.

I like to practice the feeling by asking this question “what would it feel like to have a 10k launch” 

(this feeling changes as you manifest the thing and keep the thing - meaning different feelings come up after calling in the, let’s say, specific dollar amount, because the energy of keeping/growing/spending is different than the vibe of calling it in)

So the 10k launch...

Within me I knew it was going to be my biggest launch ever but I had been doing a few things every day to help me feel the 10k launch as if it were already real.

1. I checked my bank account everyday and got really excited as if the money was already there.

2. I kept putting myself in the moment of another person signing up and feeling excited to guide them with my work knowing it was going to change their lives forever (remember my brain didn’t actually “know” any of this but my heart did so I played into that)

3. I shared and talked about and claimed it mother fucking all. I spoke as if the whole world loved and supported me fully. I pumped out content so easily I kind of surprised myself. I showed up online more than I ever had yet didn’t feel drained/exhausted.

4. Everything flowed. Instead of looking at everything that needed to be done, I looked at what was required of me TODAY. I took my business and launch day by day. Sure I had a list of things to complete over the time period, deadlines, etc but I did not spend a lot of time looking at them and honestly a lot of the things on that list I thought I had to do I ended up tossing out and not doing at all. (And it still worked of course because no rules)

We will get into my launch process soon but it’s here a hint: I make it super super effing easy and completely take stress out of the equation bc stress is a choice and I’m not doing this so I can feel how I felt at my past jobs.

>> If you already were confident and certain, how would you be feeling now?

>> How do you want your business to feel?

>> What would it feel like if making money felt fun and easy?

Take your time here and really decide how these things go for you 



The step by step launch process is in the group along with the other bonuses under documents. If you have not started them - do that this week.

Let's create a gift for your clients.

What can you offer for free when someone signs up to your mailing list? (This can be automated on any email provider. I use Mailchimp. This means when someone signs up for my email list it's sent to them directly without me having to do anything) I currently use a video on my youtube. This usually gets people to subscribe to my youtube as well.

1. Select an email provider (reference the resources in the group if you would like to see options)

2. Create a gift. This can be a document with journal prompts, a video, recipes/workout routines, etc)

3. Write a thank you or welcome email with a link to your gift. Add a photo at the top if you like.

4. Add the opt-in link from your email provider to your web host Lightbox (light box is one of those pop up boxes that ask for your email on websites and the subscribe boxes at the bottom of websites. I also use this link in my connected to my instagram and facebook.


Let's structure your launch.

1. How long is the course/training? If you are doing one on one coaching, how long will you work with them?

2. Will you have an open/close enrollment period or will it always be available for purchase? If you are doing open enrollment how long will it be? (I usually do 1-2 weeks)

3. Will you offer pre-work or a bonus people can get started on before enrollment closes (if you are doing open enrollment dates)

4. What date does enrollment open and close? Will you offer the course or training at a discount for pre-enrollment?

5. Where will you talk about your offer?

6. Do you plan to do a free livestream during enrollment?

7. What strategy would you like to use to talk about your course? a video with graphics and music with a voice over? Ig stories? emails? (I do all of these)


"I choose to remember I can't fuck this up

I am the expert

It's safe to trust in what I want to share

It's safe to do it my way

I choose to shift any thoughts or feelings of doubt and guilt to positive words of encouragement.

My work changes lives

People love to pay me

I can do this. I will do this."