Journal Prompts:


Let's get real.

Giving up is not an option. You may run into hurdles or obstacles while building your coaching business, but your have the mindset and tools to keep moving forward. You can shift gears and use inspired action to take a new approach, try new methods, or create something different...but whatever you do..keep going.

**Even when it looks like it's not going to happen, keep believing anyways**

As you move forward ask yourself:

> Is this what I really want to talk about, share, create, and sell?

> If it gets hard, what would make it easier?

> How can you have some fun in each step of creating, sharing, and selling?

> Am I holding back parts of my personality in fear people might judge me?

> If the world loved and accepted everything that I do, what would be my next move?



Whats next.


After you launch the thing...


> Was there something new  and unexpected that came up with your clients during your launch that you delivered guidance on?

> Is this something you can elaborate on in a new course, training, or workshop?

> Did you push through certain fears or obstacles (physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual) through this launch process? Write them all out.

> Now that you've conquered + moved through the above and have gained experience from this, would you like to teach how you did this? (as you remove any limiting beliefs that come up around not being experienced enough, what people will think, if it will be good enough, etc)

> Through your launch was there a high need or emphasis from clients on a certain area or topic? Is this something you feel led to teach more on in a new training/ course/workshop?


Keep the heat.

During your launch process, continue to build your business (we do this forever until we hire people to do it for us)

Some Tips:

- Continue to show up online and support your audience

- Create sharable content to build your audience (videos, reels, posts with text in the photo, etc)

- Go live occasionally. Do a q&a or just flow on something that is on your heart.

- Collect emails. Direct people to sign up. Remind them about the goodness.

- Send out an email or two directing them to a YouTube video, affirmations..anything valuable.

- Stay on insta story as much as possible.

- Create mini trainings for a low cost. (this can be short pre-recorded videos or a quick livestream party..this also gets easier the more you launch things. Each year it gets easier to run my business as I re-launch things from the previous year and copy/paste the emails, posts, and promo content)


* I choose me.

* What I want to create...I was made to create

* I take the pressure off. Fun is my priority.

* I get to do this my way. My way is the best way. 

* Everything is working out in my favor and I release all stress, worry or doubt now.

* People love to hear from me. They can't wait to see what I offer next.

* Everything I do and say has massive value.

* I will keep going no matter what.

* I'm the boss. I trust myself. My next level is there. I can feel it in now.

* It keeps getting better, easier, more fun, and so mother fucking powerful.